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Moodle 3.11.6

Unsupported Moodle Version
This version of Moodle is no longer supported and will not receive fixes for security risks.
You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

Release date: 14 March 2022

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.11.6.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-72762 - Backup fails if section name has only blank spaces
  • MDL-72246 - 3.11 Dashboard Loads Slowly (30 seconds)
  • MDL-72915 - Drag and Drop onto image: Issue moving draggable items with Unlimited option
  • MDL-73846 - "Prepare submissions for annotation" task tries to process the whole queue in one go
  • MDL-64770 - User profile fields uniqueness don't work while user importing
  • MDL-72646 - MIME type headers for theme fonts are deprecated
  • MDL-67428 - Performance issues with filters applied to course/category titles in navigation
  • MDL-73824 - Decimal comma & PHP8.0
  • MDL-66940 - 'View external Criteria URL' on Badgr links to badge awarded to somebody else
  • MDL-69965 - MoodleNet profile field is displayed even when MoodleNet is disabled
  • MDL-73915 - Bump NodeJS version, dependencies, and update JS build process, drop IE support
  • MDL-73827 - URL blocked during OBv2.1 user authentication
  • MDL-69966 - Quiz: start attempt button should be a primary button
  • MDL-73450 - is_antelope_file_format_no_more_supported check should return true on Aurora MySQL 8.0+
  • MDL-73588 - Unexpected content in the CURLOPT_FILE output stream on redirects
  • MDL-73905 - Wrong coding_exception used on problems sending messages
  • MDL-73954 - Quiz percentage should round the percentage the same way as the other grades
  • MDL-73582 - Add endpoint to provide the Moodle version
  • MDL-73868 - Remove multiple slashes in URL image for Open Badges services
  • MDL-73636 - Activity "Mark as done" buttons contain unformatted module names
  • MDL-73625 - Reorder and review the mobile settings for app 4.0
  • MDL-72937 - Saving a user profile Moodlenet field > 255 characters causes exception
  • MDL-73765 - Scheduled task are randomly allocated to 0 - 23 minutes range only
  • MDL-72852 - If there are no course badges, students shouldn't have a link to a page saying there are no badges available
  • MDL-73603 - Webservice token creation form throws exceptions during validation
  • MDL-73561 - "Grades were set for X items" message displayed as alert-danger

Accessibility improvements

  • MDL-73584 - Required ARIA children role not present: group, menuitemradio, menuitem, menuitemcheckbox
  • MDL-70792 - CSS changes for the moremenu
  • MDL-72412 - aria-label attribute is invalid for informative icon fonts

Security improvements

  • MDL-72734 - Inconsistent checks used to determine whether to run task through web UI

Security fixes

  • MSA-22-0005 SQL injection risk in Badges criteria code
  • MSA-22-0006 Users with moodle/site:uploadusers but without moodle/user:delete could delete users
  • MSA-22-0007 Possible to reach the profile field badge criteria on a course page
  • MSA-22-0008 Upgrade PHPMailer to latest version (upstream)
  • MSA-22-0009 Upgrade CKEditor included in h5p-editor-php-library to latest version (upstream)