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Moodle App 3.7.1 release notes

Release date: 30th August 2019

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle App 3.7.1.

New features and improvements

  • Support for Site home, Dashboard and Course blocks in the app
  • Support for tags
  • Support for new calendar views
  • Support for calendar events creation and deletion
  • Support for notes deletion
  • Accessibility improvements (new font size selector)

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-2670 - All text editor files are removed when updating a database entry (including text editor)
  • MOBILE-2735 - Back button from activities does not always take you back
  • MOBILE-2816 - Feedback activity - Groups & submission results seemingly incorrect (View all participants issue)
  • MOBILE-2925 - Need to pin cordova, gulp, ionic versions
  • MOBILE-2930 - The SCORM package doesn't have a visible SCO to load.
  • MOBILE-3028 - Allow attempting the quiz even if it has unsupported questions
  • MOBILE-3042 - Subtitle menu in video either jumping or hanging on Android when in middle of content
  • MOBILE-3043 - Lesson offline indicate that only saves the last attempt
  • MOBILE-3044 - Lesson once downloaded the first time, it is really difficult to refresh and download new data
  • MOBILE-3054 - Section download icon is not updated when all modules are downloaded.
  • MOBILE-3055 - Plugin init "restrict" is not updated if new courses are added
  • MOBILE-3061 - Download is displayed in Site Home even if "Show download options" is disabled
  • MOBILE-3062 - Labels activity text not selectable
  • MOBILE-3064 - core_course_check_updates is called several times with a different list on prefetch
  • MOBILE-3067 - If notification tab has been opened before, notifications are marked as read when a push is received
  • MOBILE-3073 - Display debug messages does not work in the "Add site" screen
  • MOBILE-3074 - Some links within images does not work because instead following the link the image viewer is displayed
  • MOBILE-3075 - App is not able to open this link: /grade/report/index.php?id=15
  • MOBILE-3079 - core-user-link and core-user-avatar opens profile in the right pane of split view
  • MOBILE-3086 - Title on database not linking correctly
  • MOBILE-3088 - Grey bar displayed at the bottom of the page context menu
  • MOBILE-3092 - Course selector shows options even if they are empty
  • MOBILE-3096 - Quiz: The "Check" button shouldn't be displayed for questions not fully supported
  • MOBILE-3102 - Make CoreMainMenuDelegate handlers optional without throwing an exception
  • MOBILE-3104 - Use calendar events table in 3.4+ sites to load events in offline
  • MOBILE-3117 - SSO browser fails to open after visiting forgotten password/settings page
  • MOBILE-3118 - "useOtherData" argument does not work with dynamic names in the "core-site-plugins-new-content" directive

New Feature


  • MOBILE-3097 - Change the demo sites in the app to point to the new URLs


  • MOBILE-1927 - Create calendar events in the app
  • MOBILE-2808 - Display months with name in datetime inputs
  • MOBILE-2941 - Display the forgot password button in the reconnect page
  • MOBILE-2991 - Language: sorting languages by "full name"
  • MOBILE-3002 - Support site home, course and dashboard blocks in the app
  • MOBILE-3014 - Support only title blocks
  • MOBILE-3021 - Support the monthly calendar view in the app
  • MOBILE-3025 - UX improvement to blocks
  • MOBILE-3029 - Let site plugins use the ionViewCanLeave function
  • MOBILE-3052 - Don't prefetch mod_glossary_get_entry_by_id
  • MOBILE-3053 - Highlight when using button in rich text editor
  • MOBILE-3072 - Append the version to the url of site plugin styles to avoid cache
  • MOBILE-3076 - Improve splash handling
  • MOBILE-3077 - Build Desktop App for MacOsX
  • MOBILE-3081 - Detect Workplace sites to redirect users to Workplace app
  • MOBILE-3089 - Upgrade API level to at least 28
  • MOBILE-3098 - Capture links inside iframes
  • MOBILE-3106 - Use GET request to get site info to make redirects work
  • MOBILE-3108 - Let site plugins easily create "only title" and "pre-rendered" blocks
  • MOBILE-3112 - Copy all params from otherdata if useOtherData is not undefined or array
  • MOBILE-3113 - Give users a button to reload the app if course format plugins fail to load
  • MOBILE-3137 - Add to Travis log the node libraries versions after npm install