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Moodle App 3.9.0 release notes

Release date: 26 June 2020

New features and improvements

  • H5P activity - including offline tracking support (requires Moodle 3.9)
  • iPad multitasking - having the Moodle app sharing the screen at the same time as other apps (similar to Android split view)
  • On-boarding slides for new Moodle app users (Android only)
  • Site finder - enabling a user to easily find their Moodle site by entering the name (no need to enter the site URL)
  • QR reader - enabling a user to scan QR codes and open external URLs or courses and activities in the app
  • Feedback from the app (active app users only)

Exclusive features for Pro and Premium subscriptions

  • QR code auto-login - enabling a user to scan a QR code in their Moodle site profile and be automatically logged in in the app without having to enter their credentials (requires Moodle 3.9)
  • Site finder customised info - site admins can customise the information about their site which is displayed in site finder search results
More info

Learn more about our Pro and Premium subscriptions here

Complete list of issues

New Feature

  • MOBILE-3305 - Implement removing individual downloaded courses
  • MOBILE-3411 - Support H5P activity in the app (without tracking)
  • MOBILE-3412 - Support tracking in H5P activities
  • MOBILE-3413 - Let users view their attempts in H5P activities
  • MOBILE-3414 - Create new onboarding slides for Android only
  • MOBILE-3416 - Support multitasking in iPad (aka split view)


  • MOBILE-2995 - QR code support in the app
  • MOBILE-3101 - Use WKWebView
  • MOBILE-3134 - For plugin activities the size context menu item is not updating automatically without a refresh
  • MOBILE-3249 - Mobile: Sort courses by short name.
  • MOBILE-3270 - Files uploaded from Google Drive (Android) have an incorrect size (4 bytes)
  • MOBILE-3309 - Use ionic-cli as a project dependency
  • MOBILE-3331 - Accessibility - open in browser & PDF icons causing problems for screenreaders
  • MOBILE-3344 - Desktop (Windows): revise file types for file submission using Zip
  • MOBILE-3351 - Desktop (Win / Ubuntu): Image preview (magnifying glass) to use all available space
  • MOBILE-3370 - Add App Support for block_activity_results
  • MOBILE-3375 - Make resource warnings less intrusive
  • MOBILE-3380 - Split view placeholder always displays an arrow pointing to the left, even in RTL
  • MOBILE-3382 - Show unread messages badge
  • MOBILE-3394 - Add event when user activity is sent
  • MOBILE-3402 - Improve Login UX
  • MOBILE-3406 - Refactor apps' H5P code to make it more similar to H5P's PHP and Moodle structure
  • MOBILE-3417 - Allow Blocks plugins to specify a fallback
  • MOBILE-3418 - Use WKWebView in InAppBrowser for iOS
  • MOBILE-3419 - Make RTE button use em, strong instead of i, b for accessibility
  • MOBILE-3422 - Revise tablet view when keyboard is activated
  • MOBILE-3436 - Improve UX when opening a scorm
  • MOBILE-3437 - Calculate download size: ignore size of files already downloaded
  • MOBILE-3447 - Support disabling InAppBrowser in LTI in the app
  • MOBILE-3294 - Behat tests for the Moodle App
  • MOBILE-3434 - Update behat tests for the Moodle App


  • MOBILE-2870 - Feedback Activity - "Answer the Questions" button styling issue
  • MOBILE-3015 - Mobile app crash when select subtitle in video player iOS
  • MOBILE-3346 - Not possible to see your own workshop submission feedback on the App
  • MOBILE-3363 - When the dark theme is on, the pop-up windows and the keyboard remain with a light background
  • MOBILE-3368 - Required node version in package.json to avoid confusion
  • MOBILE-3377 - Android: RTE buttons don't work when some text is selected
  • MOBILE-3384 - Cannot read property 'errorcode' of null if local/mobile/check.php returns null
  • MOBILE-3390 - Database URL Field "Forced name for the link" doesn't show in Mobile view
  • MOBILE-3398 - mod_data doesn't browse correctly when using ##moreurl##
  • MOBILE-3400 - "Last accessed" module list sort is not updated after a course is viewed
  • MOBILE-3407 - Drops aren't displayed in drag and drop into image questions in Moodle 3.6
  • MOBILE-3420 - Blog images are not loaded properly
  • MOBILE-3424 - Fix vulnerability in jQuery 1.9.1
  • MOBILE-3438 - Update drag and drop code with changes on MDL-58645
  • MOBILE-3443 - Big Modals on landscape like multichoice on database are not closable
  • MOBILE-3448 - File name is not unique when uploading