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Moodle App 3.8.1 release notes

Release date: 25 March 2020

New features and improvements

  • Auto-save text editor contents as a draft
  • Recent searches displayed in all search areas
  • Dark mode improvements
  • Various accessibility and performance improvements

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-2853 - Log-in using OAuth Google/ Microsoft
  • MOBILE-3239 - Block site plugins are re-loaded twice when performing a PTR
  • MOBILE-3253 - Accessibility - Can not use activity tracker with iOS screen reader
  • MOBILE-3254 - Double click on Course/Module some time make it open multiple page.
  • MOBILE-3262 - Tabs height does not readjust when changing course sections
  • MOBILE-3267 - Use filters when displaying sitename
  • MOBILE-3274 - Dark mode invisible text drag and drop onto image
  • MOBILE-3275 - Course area tabs are too short when text size increased
  • MOBILE-3301 - Add aria-labels to context menu icons
  • MOBILE-3314 - Error when trying to download an assignment while the course is set up to have the gradebook hidden to students
  • MOBILE-3326 - Links to ".." can be broken in iframes
  • MOBILE-3330 - Messaging: last message display is cut off in Moodle app
  • MOBILE-3340 - Site plugins: PreSets are not updated when using a directive with samePage=true
  • MOBILE-3343 - java.lang.NullPointerException in parsePathStrategy
  • MOBILE-3347 - H5P: Unzip H5P files isn't working inside pages (for app and desktop)
  • MOBILE-3348 - MathJax isn't applied in glossary entries and forum posts
  • MOBILE-3349 - Cannot read property 'value' of undefined: displaygroupingstarred
  • MOBILE-3350 - Book viewed using the app doesn't appear in recently accessed items
  • MOBILE-3356 - Number of course tabs isn't calculated right when course is opened
  • MOBILE-3373 - RTE buttons don't work when all text is selected

New Feature



  • MOBILE-3170 - Change repo names
  • MOBILE-3246 - ITMS-90683: Missing Purpose String in Info.plist
  • MOBILE-3264 - Stop using gulp-util since it is deprecated
  • MOBILE-3266 - Improve translation scripts to reduce problems
  • MOBILE-3268 - Dark Mode: change that when Pop-up menus to have dark background instead of white background
  • MOBILE-3277 - Let site plugins register site schemas (DB)
  • MOBILE-3279 - Allow to disable identity providers in the app
  • MOBILE-3281 - Support recent searches listing in the "Search" screen
  • MOBILE-3282 - Allow block developers to easily indicate that the app can render the content returned by WS
  • MOBILE-3284 - Accessibility - Page through course page tabs
  • MOBILE-3285 - Unlock plugins and libraries after 3.8.0 release
  • MOBILE-3286 - Strip path from url when using a site url fails
  • MOBILE-3290 - Should not show remove file option when the download is in progress
  • MOBILE-3298 - Don't fail module downloads if an avatar download fails
  • MOBILE-3299 - Site plugins cannot use the canBeCleared option in site schemas
  • MOBILE-3308 - Dark mode: avoid changing background colour when clicking in an area that no action happens afterwards
  • MOBILE-3312 - Call updateSiteInfo at regular intervals to keep site up to date
  • MOBILE-3317 - Allow disabling Dark mode in the app
  • MOBILE-3318 - Remove ydn.db from the app
  • MOBILE-3323 - Automatically and periodically save text editor content as a draft
  • MOBILE-3325 - Separate user preferences from app settings
  • MOBILE-3327 - Treat invaliddevice error on get_site_info WS
  • MOBILE-3329 - Refresh option shouldn't be shown in a subfolder inside mod_folder
  • MOBILE-3332 - Support disabling H5P offline in the app
  • MOBILE-3333 - Minimize html and js on AOT compiling
  • MOBILE-3335 - Revise icon to represent glossary sorting
  • MOBILE-3341 - Book: TOC shows Numbers (independent of the chapter formatting)
  • MOBILE-3345 - Editor for Wiki Pages with wrong Icons
  • MOBILE-3354 - Book: Support "Style of navigation" setting
  • MOBILE-3361 - Remove windows phone css
  • MOBILE-3365 - Set targetSdkVersion to version 29