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Moodle App 3.9.3 release notes

Release date: 30 November 2020

New features and improvements

  • Students can submit quizzes with essay question types including attachments (Requires Moodle 3.10)
  • New Course Completion notifications (Requires Moodle 3.10)
  • New option to log out from the Moodle App through the web (Requires Moodle 3.10)
  • Audio-recording supported in more devices
  • Activity improvements:
    • Choice: New show available spaces setting (Requires Moodle 3.10)
    • Lesson: Option to allow unlimited number of attempts for each question (Requires Moodle 3.10)

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-3200 - Database: students can add entries in a group that doesn't belong to them (visible groups)
  • MOBILE-3265 - Can't change H5P strings language after the package has been downloaded
  • MOBILE-3430 - Messaging - Repeat message sent if internet connection drops during sending
  • MOBILE-3464 - Hiding core-tabs on scroll makes scroll a bit clunky and can cause some issues
  • MOBILE-3465 - Adding in a click event makes clicks override the app
  • MOBILE-3468 - No error is displayed if you scan another URL scheme in credentials
  • MOBILE-3469 - Single Activity course: if there are (sticky) blocks, the tablet view only shows the description (Forum at least)
  • MOBILE-3471 - Find a way to have webview plugin only in iOS
  • MOBILE-3477 - iOS app stays loading forever if a site has a lot of calendar events
  • MOBILE-3487 - Invalidate only unknown files isn't working as expected
  • MOBILE-3488 - Open local HTML file in Android: images aren't seen
  • MOBILE-3489 - Android: App cannot access geolocation if Location is disabled in the device
  • MOBILE-3503 - Scrolling/swipping from the bottom of a course page to top make top tabs to "shake"
  • MOBILE-3508 - External linked files (google drive repository) do not work in mobile app
  • MOBILE-3509 - Mobile app goes to blank notification page when clicking forum digest notification
  • MOBILE-3511 - ionViewDidLeave not called in split view right pane
  • MOBILE-3515 - Error: Avoid hardcoding the debug mode
  • MOBILE-3519 - Forum: When following a link in app to a discussion, file attachments don't work
  • MOBILE-3526 - Custom CFBundleShortVersionString can't be set
  • MOBILE-3530 - Offload course files - error: "Cannot read property 'getFiles' of undefined
  • MOBILE-3532 - iOS: top bar has disappeared
  • MOBILE-3533 - Disabled messaging - Hide "messages" section within preferences
  • MOBILE-3534 - Update macOS signing script
  • MOBILE-3539 - Course overview displays In Progress courses if all filters are disabled
  • MOBILE-3556 - Mobile app site check causes unnecessary errors in server log
  • MOBILE-3557 - Display "Not available" in hidden sections which name is displayed to users
  • MOBILE-3562 - Course image is displayed twice (second time as part of the course attachments) in the pre-self enrol view
  • MOBILE-3571 - Filters: core_filters_get_available_in_context call can exceed PHP input variables limit
  • MOBILE-3578 - Multiple duplicate requests to tool_lp_data_for_user_competency_summary_in_course in the user profile
  • MOBILE-3583 - Fix multichoice questions for 3.10
  • MOBILE-3589 - Lesson: support unlimited max attempts
  • MOBILE-3590 - Don't display H5P Embed button in the app
  • MOBILE-3598 - H5P packages disappear after opening a new page with a package

New Feature

  • MOBILE-3432 - Implement file type exclusion list for mobile
  • MOBILE-3454 - Support disabling check available text filters in the app
  • MOBILE-3501 - Create task to push a branch and automatically update tracker issue
  • MOBILE-3540 - Let links specify if they should be opened in InAppBrowser



  • MOBILE-2272 - Quiz Essay Question Uploading in the mobile app
  • MOBILE-3188 - Cached web service responses for activity should show in manage storage
  • MOBILE-3338 - Apply component and componentId to WS calls
  • MOBILE-3421 - iPad: subtitles in video if too long are not seen on the screen
  • MOBILE-3435 - Handle required custom fields in signup
  • MOBILE-3445 - Let plugins disable PTR
  • MOBILE-3449 - Sync assignment submission when PTR from submission review page
  • MOBILE-3450 - Improve synchronizing a logged out site
  • MOBILE-3451 - Display more data about devices in the app
  • MOBILE-3453 - Don't unpack more than one H5P package at the same time
  • MOBILE-3472 - Indicate restriction access after the section when 'All sections' is selected
  • MOBILE-3480 - Support images and links using svg + image/a in the app
  • MOBILE-3490 - Media capture should fallback to Media (self-recorded audios) if there is not an external audio recording app configured
  • MOBILE-3492 - Don't collapse content in large screens
  • MOBILE-3493 - Don't display section selector if there are no sections
  • MOBILE-3499 - Unlock plugins and libraries after 3.9.2 release
  • MOBILE-3505 - App freezes when SSO via inappbrowser is launched in an active site where the token expired
  • MOBILE-3507 - Improve Push notification handling for supporting custom notifications
  • MOBILE-3510 - Revise encoding H5P message (' is being shown instead of ')
  • MOBILE-3512 - Desktop: Revise 'Course overview'(more columns)
  • MOBILE-3514 - Support the "Show available spaces" choice setting in the app
  • MOBILE-3516 - Use fork of InAppBrowser if they don't release a new version before 3.9.3 release
  • MOBILE-3543 - Update electron version
  • MOBILE-3546 - Make sitelisting fields configurable
  • MOBILE-3548 - Make site url input placeholder easy to change using language strings
  • MOBILE-3549 - Allow any HTML tag in plugins templates
  • MOBILE-3553 - Remove version from H5P jquery file
  • MOBILE-3554 - Add a setting to force login_logo.png usage
  • MOBILE-3558 - Day view: the add event icon "+" should scroll
  • MOBILE-3569 - Allow IFRAME to use XHTML document in Resource add-on
  • MOBILE-3572 - Default the app color scheme to light
  • MOBILE-3587 - Support autocomplete for connect/reconnect screens
  • MOBILE-3596 - Send the block ID to tool_mobile_get_content