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Moodle App 3.9.5 release notes

Release date: 27 August 2021

New features and improvements

  • Accessibility improvements to achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance
  • H5P improvements - play packages using as much screen as possible and improve the way they are embedded
  • Moodle 3.11 student activity completion support
  • LTI 1.3 launch support
  • iOS ITP settings support to allow the iOS version of the app to embed content from different URLs
  • New option in iOS for allowing a user to open a file using the system preview or a dedicated app
  • Plagiarism information displayed in essay question types
  • Word count support in quiz essay questions
  • Quiz pass grade displayed on quiz front page

Ionic 5 upgrade

In this version, we have upgraded the framework we use for building the app. Note that there are several changes which may impact plugins or sites using their own custom mobile CSS:

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-3496 - NOT_FOUND_ERR when uploading video for Assignment from "Photo albums" on iOS
  • MOBILE-3563 - Workshop does not have submit button, when allowed late submissions
  • MOBILE-3567 - The app does not launch a course view event after the user self-enrol into the course
  • MOBILE-3615 - Button "Help" opens wrong website
  • MOBILE-3623 - Site plugins: success message not seen if combined with goBackOnSuccess
  • MOBILE-3670 - Navbar color and custom CSS clash on login page.
  • MOBILE-3674 - Make CoreUrl.sameDomainAndPath case insensitive
  • MOBILE-3693 - Radio button: item not clickable if it contains links
  • MOBILE-3694 - Auto-login only works in first iframe if several are displayed at the same time
  • MOBILE-3701 - iOS: SCORM package reloaded when clicking a link with href '#' and handled via JS
  • MOBILE-3704 - Page: Files with parameters not working
  • MOBILE-3709 - SCORM does not register cmi.core.total_time APP mobile
  • MOBILE-3713 - Cookies not sent to iframes in iOS 14 (preventing embedding external content such as H5P)
  • MOBILE-3722 - It is not possible to create events for 2022 onwards
  • MOBILE-3724 - Fix LTI 1.3 launch in the app
  • MOBILE-3789 - Assignment blind marking
  • MOBILE-3797 - User profiles can cause infinite requests with custom course themes
  • MOBILE-3832 - Infinite scroll: infinite requests when an error happens

New Feature


  • MOBILE-3732 - Display plagiarism information in the essay question type


  • MOBILE-3673 - Update target SDK to 30
  • MOBILE-3680 - Apply essay question min/max word count in the app
  • MOBILE-3698 - Review if word count changes done in MDL-70796 should be applied to the app
  • MOBILE-3716 - Include the Scan QR code button in the reconnect screen
  • MOBILE-3734 - Review single activity course format in Ionic 5
  • MOBILE-3739 - Add a leave guard on chat
  • MOBILE-3742 - Support links to other sites in Ionic 5 (redirect)
  • MOBILE-3754 - Pass grade not displayed on quiz front page
  • MOBILE-3758 - Update H5P library to 1.24.02
  • MOBILE-3761 - Show "open with" dialog when opening a file
  • MOBILE-3762 - Recaptcha open button does not explain the function
  • MOBILE-3765 - Include a link to a permanent survey about the Moodle app
  • MOBILE-3766 - Include a link to provide feedback during beta testing
  • MOBILE-3771 - Do not display the bottom navigation menu for the H5P activity when playing a package
  • MOBILE-3783 - Release Moodle app version 3.9.5