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Moodle Mobile 3.4.0 release notes

Release date: 30th November 2017

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle Mobile 3.4.0.

New features

  • Workshop activity module support
  • Paypal enrolment plugin support
  • Support for forgotten passwords
  • Support for restricted Vimeo videos
  • iOS: Better file sharing & uploading
  • Support for category events
  • User private files quota usage display

Workshop activity

Workshop activity.



Forgotten passwords

Forgotten passwords.

Files quota

Files quota.


Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1942 - Not showing an Error Message when surpassing the user quota in my private files
  • MOBILE-2209 - Users cannot login if site policy not agreed and email signup is disabled
  • MOBILE-2225 - Teachers cannot update feedback comments unless they change the grade
  • MOBILE-2242 - ReferenceError: Connection is not defined
  • MOBILE-2244 - Quiz question feedback icons aren't displayed with theme boost
  • MOBILE-2245 - Lesson buttons not shown if they don't have an ID
  • MOBILE-2247 - Multi Language setting ignored on custom menu items
  • MOBILE-2248 - Course completion options doesn't disappear from the app if it's disabled
  • MOBILE-2251 - Change language fails if you pick a lang not supported by a remote addon
  • MOBILE-2258 - Playsinline for iOS 10+ does not work in Moodle Mobile
  • MOBILE-2259 - Cannot self enrol in a course if it has an enrolment key and the error should show a hint
  • MOBILE-2266 - Cannot get quiz feedback if the grade contains decimals with comma
  • MOBILE-2281 - Error initializing mmEmulator dorm $mmInitDelegate
  • MOBILE-2285 - The app cannot be build in Phonegap Build because latest Cordova plugin updates are not backwards compatible

New Feature

  • MOBILE-2194 - Support main info of workshop activity
  • MOBILE-2197 - Support setup phase on Workshop activity
  • MOBILE-2198 - Support submission phase on Workshop
  • MOBILE-2207 - Add forgot password link at the login page
  • MOBILE-2249 - Allow configuring a set of sites for custom apps
  • MOBILE-2255 - Allow uploading files using the new "Files" app in iOS
  • MOBILE-2271 - Display category calendar events correctly in the app


  • MOBILE-1511 - Vimeo videos restricted by domain cannot be played in the Moodle Mobile app
  • MOBILE-2171 - Support paypal plugin
  • MOBILE-2232 - Decrease WebService calls in course list/overview
  • MOBILE-2236 - Support assessment phase on Workshop
  • MOBILE-2237 - Support grading evaluation phase on Workshop
  • MOBILE-2238 - Support closing phase on Workshop
  • MOBILE-2241 - Don't include original JS files to remote addon zip file
  • MOBILE-2276 - Allow configuring how to display the fixed set of sites for custom apps
  • MOBILE-2284 - Add completion override by information
  • MOBILE-2293 - Switch to single entry view in database
  • MOBILE-2297 - Manage revision of pluginfiles