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Moodle App 3.5.1 release notes

Release date: 6th July 2018

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle App 3.5.1.

This is a maintenance release with mostly bug fixes, see the complete list of issues below for more information.

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-2401 - Multichoice in lesson: Selecting and deselecting an option is considered as selected
  • MOBILE-2440 - "All sections" is not being displayed in the app
  • MOBILE-2441 - Can't login with Moodle mobile and SSO
  • MOBILE-2443 - Mobile App won't Open on IPad
  • MOBILE-2444 - buttons and links cannot be clicked in "choice" fields of a multiple choice question
  • MOBILE-2448 - Wiki pages cannot be edited if rich text editor is disabled
  • MOBILE-2450 - Empty box is hiding course time selector on timeline in tablets
  • MOBILE-2451 - Error shown when accessing the profile of a deleted user
  • MOBILE-2452 - Mark completion manually, should scroll down to the activity you just marked
  • MOBILE-2453 - Assignment group submission fails
  • MOBILE-2454 - Site name should be shown
  • MOBILE-2455 - Course navigation menu
  • MOBILE-2456 - Forum posts are not formatted correctly
  • MOBILE-2457 - Padding displayed above the keyboard while typing a new message
  • MOBILE-2458 - Calendar settings should display "1 hour" and "1 day"
  • MOBILE-2462 - SCORM doesn't load if displayattemptstatus is false
  • MOBILE-2464 - SVG in quiz question might be unreliable
  • MOBILE-2466 - "Cannot read property "push" of undefined", error when downloading courses
  • MOBILE-2468 - Error when submitting essay questions in lesson
  • MOBILE-2469 - Multichoice with single option in quiz: First answer is selected by default
  • MOBILE-2470 - SCORM fails to launch when no entry page is set in Settings