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Moodle Mobile 3.1.0 release notes

Release date: 23th May 2016

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile 3.1.0

New features

  • Quizzes - users can attempt quizzes (requires Moodle 3.1 or Moodle 2.6 onwards with the Moodle App additional features plugin installed)
  • Competencies - users can browse their learning plans and teachers can view the competencies of students in their course
  • Remote add-ons - support for mobile app versions of plugins

Drag & drop question in a quiz

Drag & drop question in a quiz

Learning plan view

Learning plan view

Remote add-on (Certificate module

Remote add-on (Certificate module)


  • Empty topics are not displayed in the sections menu.
  • Images in remote themes are downloaded so they are available offline.
  • Large multimedia files are now served via streaming.

Moodle Mobile additional features

  • For sites using login via the browser, is now possible to use an embedded browser instead of the device default browser. Thanks to the Universitat de Barcelona for contributing with this new feature.

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1474 - Keyboard focus is not always in text entry field when keyboard opens
  • MOBILE-1494 - Push notifications plugin not working with latest iOS platform version
  • MOBILE-1555 - Local mobile settings are not handled correctly
  • MOBILE-1559 - core_course_view_course not working right in the app
  • MOBILE-1581 - Quiz offline summary isn't working right with CBM
  • MOBILE-1595 - Hide activity icons from CBE


  • MOBILE-1470 - Capture links in the URL resource
  • MOBILE-1525 - If the Mobile service has the file downloading disabled, the filepool queue shouldn't accept files
  • MOBILE-1528 - Reduce Gulp CPU usage by increasing the watch interval
  • MOBILE-1531 - Download images inside remote CSS
  • MOBILE-1534 - Explain how the Drag and Drop questions works on mobile
  • MOBILE-1536 - Allow handlers to define a class
  • MOBILE-1543 - Gather preflight data in prefetch
  • MOBILE-1545 - Support to log in via SSO with an embedded browser
  • MOBILE-1550 - Move mod_* addons to mod/ directory
  • MOBILE-1554 - Serve large multimedia content via streaming
  • MOBILE-1556 - Allow the mobile app to indicate the custom URL scheme to use when login via SSO
  • MOBILE-1572 - Treat showgrades = null as it was showgrades = 1
  • MOBILE-1573 - Add a loading spinner for D&D question types using images
  • MOBILE-1576 - Implement quiz synchronization process
  • MOBILE-1580 - Add missing external functions in the local_mobile plugin (3.1 version)
  • MOBILE-1585 - Hide empty topics in the sections menu

New Feature


  • MOBILE-1577 - Handle essays with required attachments
  • MOBILE-1406 - Implement the Quiz entry view
  • MOBILE-1409 - Show gradebook feedback and a warning if the grade is overridden
  • MOBILE-1411 - Allow starting and continuing attempts in the app
  • MOBILE-1413 - Capture quiz links
  • MOBILE-1416 - Implement delegate to render quiz questions
  • MOBILE-1417 - Create new delegate for quiz access restrictions
  • MOBILE-1418 - Support drag and drop question types: ddwtos
  • MOBILE-1419 - Support additional question types that implements "is_plain_html"
  • MOBILE-1420 - Implement handlers for basic question types
  • MOBILE-1431 - Allow navigating between pages in the quiz
  • MOBILE-1440 - Display the quiz summary
  • MOBILE-1441 - Display the quiz review
  • MOBILE-1442 - Support auto-saving
  • MOBILE-1443 - Support quizzes with timers
  • MOBILE-1444 - Implement the quiz attempt submission
  • MOBILE-1446 - Don't show flags in the app and move status/mark to question title bar
  • MOBILE-1467 - Adapt the code to the new access requirement WS functions
  • MOBILE-1523 - Try to convert the navigation popover into a side menu
  • MOBILE-1529 - Support quiz prefetch
  • MOBILE-1532 - Support drag and drop question types: ddmarker
  • MOBILE-1533 - Support drag and drop question types: ddimageortext
  • MOBILE-1540 - Allow storing answers in offline
  • MOBILE-1546 - Only first question works in Android 4.1 if more than one per page