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Moodle 4.1.1

Unsupported Moodle Version
This version of Moodle is no longer supported for general bug fixes.
You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

Release date: 16 January 2023

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 4.1.1.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-69570 - Reset and delete all submissions doesn't delete the assignfeedback_editpdf files
  • MDL-76106 - Drag and Drop Marker Question Type: Incorrect/lost marker positions (follow-up of MDL-71145 and MDL-72679)
  • MDL-68981 - Recycle bin does not include user data if "General restore defaults > Include users" is No
  • MDL-76258 - Restoring mod_lti course modules with LTI 1.3 produces database errors when using preconfigured tools
  • MDL-76274 - bump_submission_for_stale_conversions adhoc task runs in situations when it shouldn't
  • MDL-74454 - SCORM bugs when it has three or more levels
  • MDL-76330 - Edit icon also shown for enrolment methods when enrol/{method}:config is not granted
  • MDL-76061 - Calendar event type cannot be changed from type "user"
  • MDL-66924 - Users with "mod/forum:postprivatereply" capability cannot view their own private replies when "mod/forum:readprivatereplies" is not enabled
  • MDL-74779 - BigBlueButton recordings show up ordered by name instead of date
  • MDL-76225 - 'Absolute 'direct links to sections (course/view.php?id=25122#sectionid-346124-title) do not work any more, only course/view.php?id=25122#section-4
  • MDL-75279 - LTI NRPS response omits username property
  • MDL-76380 - Unable to edit OAuth2 Service if requireconfirmation is disabled
  • MDL-76251 - Forum on the phone is bigger than device's width
  • MDL-72563 - Rubric content is shown out of the area when zooming in
  • MDL-76666 - setlocale() problems with locale strings longer than 255 characters
  • MDL-69071 - CLI installer triggers debugging if langpack download fails (Fatal error in PHP 8.0)
  • MDL-60038 - Web service users should not have to accept site policies
  • MDL-75914 - Quiz test_process_attempt test sends debugging output if an essay question is present in the attempt and that question includes attaachments
  • MDL-76193 - Backup and restore with tags for quiz category questions fails
  • MDL-32105 - Glossary: Allows special characters in keywords
  • MDL-75588 - Student's Timeline should show a TO-DO submission task after another attempt is granted in an Assignment
  • MDL-76273 - No filename for custom report's PDF download for multibyte char name
  • MDL-75441 - Guest users no longer prompted to create an account and enrol in order to post in a forum
  • MDL-76571 - Description questions appearing in the quiz reports
  • MDL-76674 - String for timezone america/ciudad_juarez not found (tzdb 2022g)
  • MDL-76679 - Admin config fields of type password inconsistent behaviour
  • MDL-76487 - Tiny editor is still reloading old content (and console errors on save)
  • MDL-75965 - Questions: Misalignment of correct and incorrect icons in multichoice
  • MDL-76308 - Question\D&D: The draggable area seem to have very tall/slim characters to select
  • MDL-53137 - Min and max limits are reversed in calculated questions with a negative answer and geometric tolerance
  • MDL-75789 - Long multibyte course shortname ruins course restoration process (Incorrect string value: '\xD1_1' for column 'shortname' at row 1)
  • MDL-76250 - Submission page asks to "Reload page" when selecting a filter
  • MDL-75281 - BigBlueButton upgrade script failure when recording table exists
  • MDL-75381 - Grader report generate an exception with PHP 8.0
  • MDL-73017 - Add environment check for versions not supporting PHP 8.1
  • MDL-76074 - Activity completion reports filter by first name and surname not working with custom profile fields
  • MDL-72019 - The custom user profile field for dates showing unixtime when downloading via bulk user actions
  • MDL-76476 - Image preview tries to load preview when no image is set
  • MDL-75571 - Timeline block uses stock LTI icon even if it has been customized
  • MDL-75826 - Parameter 'returnto' is ignored when editing a user
  • MDL-76127 - The profiling URL link on the breadcrumbs summary page is not clickable on the Boost theme
  • MDL-76145 - Long course names and course id exceeding available space on the manage courses and categories page
  • MDL-76446 - Course participant shows active users when filtering by inactive and keyword
  • MDL-76166 - Username logging not honoured in complete_user_login
  • MDL-75346 - Resetting dashboards containing a missing block displays an exception

Accessibility improvements

  • MDL-74822 - Accessibility issues with user tours
  • MDL-76597 - Quiz editing page accessibility issues
  • MDL-76601 - Action menus in course cards in My courses cannot be navigated to by keyboard
  • MDL-76803 - Make the options in the Email display select box more concise

For developers

  • MDL-75105 - List available behat data generators on admin/tool/behat/index.php

Security fixes

  • MSA-23-0001 - Reflected XSS risk in some returnurl parameters
  • MSA-23-0002 - Reflected XSS risk in blog search
  • MSA-23-0003 - Possible to set the preferred "start page" of other users