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Moodle 4.1.3

Unsupported Moodle Version
This version of Moodle is no longer supported for general bug fixes.
You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

Release date: 24 April 2023

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 4.1.3.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-74452 - Quiz and question versions: confusing errors if all versions of a question are draft
  • MDL-76257 - Activity intro / format does not respect user editor preferences on creation
  • MDL-72533 - Calendar event table performance is slow
  • MDL-77523 - Textarea database field should honor preferred editor format
  • MDL-76309 - Submissions download as ZIP not compatible with upload of feedback files
  • MDL-76986 - TinyMCE 6 does not use translated strings
  • MDL-76481 - Download accessibility summary report giving error in PHP8
  • MDL-77105 - Non-monologo icons are being rendered as whitened out
  • MDL-77670 - Course summary format not preserved after saving data
  • MDL-76995 - Apply indentation on the course index (backport of MDL-76992)
  • MDL-73771 - Scroll bar in a course can get hidden in large courses
  • MDL-77012 - Unable to select Heading options in new TinyMCE editor
  • MDL-76993 - Recover move right/left functionality removed/hidden for 4.0 (backport of MDL-76990)
  • MDL-76994 - New course format level setting to enable/disable course indentation in 4.0 and 4.1 (backport of MDL-76991)
  • MDL-70976 - H5P activity error while adding a new event in calendar
  • MDL-76998 - Add an option for admins to reset indentation for courses on the site for 4.0 and 4.1 (backport of MDL-76997)
  • MDL-77833 - Course content change notification subject does not process multi-lang filter
  • MDL-77897 - TinyMCE editor does not save modifications in assignment feedback comments
  • MDL-77324 - Inconsistent menus on singleview report page
  • MDL-77807 - File report does not aggregate columns correctly
  • MDL-77552 - Add module and pluginname to course editor activity state (backport of MDL-77386)
  • MDL-75301 - Question preview: version drop-down should have an always latest option
  • MDL-77392 - Calendar events may not show up for user
  • MDL-77555 - Report builder filters break with params
  • MDL-75746 - Problems with backup and restore of quiz slots in Moodle 4.0
  • MDL-77456 - Highlight current activity in the course index when navigating from an activity page
  • MDL-73642 - Editing the assignment setting "Require students to click the submit button" from "Yes" to "No", leaves draft submissions as is
  • MDL-77762 - There is no back button in the Content bank when viewing a content created by a different user
  • MDL-77827 - Unexpected error when logging in using Clever SSO
  • MDL-77382 - OAuth 2: broken error handling when denying access to scopes during authorization code flow
  • MDL-77626 - Quiz statistics: error if a random question has zero max mark in a quiz
  • MDL-77148 - Question bank: Filtering question by tags and then deleting, throws errors
  • MDL-76212 - Fix the responsive design of the the gradebook tertiary nav
  • MDL-77692 - Custom field names shown unformatted as custom report conditions/filters
  • MDL-77773 - Over large size of Quiz question and feedback boxes with TinyMCE
  • MDL-76303 - Fix User Limit to match BBB maxParticipants

Accessibility improvements

  • MDL-76941 - Ensure that user tours resize and reposition accordingly when page zoom is changed
  • MDL-77856 - HTML parsing error related to qtype_multianswer feedback in its subquestions
  • MDL-77761 - Editor format select element does not have a label
  • MDL-77764 - Content bank context selection element does not have a label

Security improvements

  • MDL-77618 - Browsers auto-completing the user's password into admin setting password unmask fields
  • MDL-76680 - Prevent $USER->ignoresesskey from remaining enabled beyond its intended usage
  • MDL-73610 - Upgrade xmldom dev dependency

Security fixes

  • MSA-23-0014 - TinyMCE loaders susceptible to Arbitrary Folder Creation
  • MSA-23-0015 - Minor SQL injection risk in external Wiki method for listing pages