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Moodle's Developer Resource system is built using Docusaurus. Docusaurus is a static page generator aimed at technical documentation and maintained by Facebook. It is written in JavaScript, and uses React.

General structure

The documentation is broken down into two key areas:

  • Versioned documentation used for version-specific items such as API guides; and
  • General documentation covering a wide range of versions.

Sometimes it isn't immediately clear which of the two areas you should use - unless you are writing an API guide then your documentation probably belongs in the unversioned area.

Unversioned documentation

The unversioned documentation can be found in the general folder and is further broken down into several categories:

If you are creating a page which does not fit into one of these categories, we suggest you jump into the Developer documentation chat and asking there; or creating a new issue in the GitHub repository to discuss the best location.

Versioned documentation

The versioned documentation has two locations you will need to look at:

  • For the Moodle main branch, see the docs folder
  • For older versions of Moodle which are documented here, see the versioned_docs folder

The versioned documentation has not yet been created and will happen soon.

Examples of the content documented in the versioned documentation includes:


The Moodle App developer documentation is currently in the docs location but will be moved in the near future.

Other key files and folders

A number of other files are also used to form the documentation, some of these are described below.

All pages should include contextually relevant navigation in the form of a sidebar. The content of these sidebars is controlled from the sidebar configuration with configuration for:

Additional sidebar configuration for older versions of Moodle will also be created in future.

Documentation for the sidebars feature can be found on the Docusaurus site.


Rather than storing machine-readable data within the documentation, we store some key information in the data folder. This includes:

Static content

Docusaurus generates most of the content, converting markdown files, JavaScript, TypeScript, and React component into static files. Sometimes it is still necessary to include static content too.

The static folder contains all of the static resources into the build, including:

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