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Our documentation is built using Docusaurus, a powerful open source documentation project written in JavaScript.

It's easy to get your development environment set up and if you plan to contribute regularly to our documentation, then we recommend you setup a local development environment for the best results. If you're only planning to contribute as a once-off then you may want to consider trying Gitpod.


Local development

To set up a local development environment we recommend install NVM, and then running:

nvm install
corepack enable

From time to time you may need to repeat this process as we update the NodeJS version requirements or add dependencies.

Quick start with Gitpod

Gitpod is a free, cloud-based, development environment providing VS Code and a suitable development environment right in your browser.

By launching your workspace you can automatically:

  • clone our devdocs repo
  • install all dependencies
  • run yarn start

You can write and preview your contributions from right within your browser, and even commit them and create a pull request.

Open in Gitpod

GitHub has also launched their own lightweight online editor which integrates tightly with GitHub. Take a look at


Gitpod is an alternative to local development and completely optional. We recommend setting up a local development environment if you plan to contribute regularly.

Useful commands

Starting the development server

The development server is the best way to edit docs locally. Once the development server has started, the docs will open in your browser. You can then make changes to the source markdown files (*.md and *.mdx), which should be automatically live reloaded in your browser.

yarn start

Building the docs and serving them locally

This is probably only something you would do if you were developing or testing the build process.

yarn build
yarn serve

Migrating a document

For full documentation on document migration see the notes on contributing

yarn migrate [] [newLocation]

Linting documents

yarn mdlint-all