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Plugins directory updates

13 December 2023

Clear filters and more

After performing a search with specific criteria, a link will appear under the search bar to clear all filters at once.

If a search yields no results, the empty results message and the link to clear all filters will be displayed.

On the plugin page, below the maintainer information, the plugin's associated set, if any, is indicated. Clicking on this link directs the user to the corresponding set page.

The plugin preview has been enhanced:

  • The plugin set is now displayed below the plugin name.
  • The "Recently updated" text at the footer of the card has been replaced with a rocket icon.
  • The awards text with the icon showcasing the most recent awards has been added.

22 November 2023

Pagination in Plugins Directory

Instead of the previous infinite scroll, this update introduces pagination to the plugins directory, making it easier to navigate through a large number of plugins:

  • The plugins are displayed in pages of 30 plugins each.
  • The total number of plugins and a pagination bar are shown at the bottom of the page.

07 November 2023

Different improvements in the main page:

  • "plugin type" filter has been replaced by "plugin categories" and the plugin categories have been simplified and reorganised to a better usability.
  • All plugin types can be found in the navigation block inside the block's drawer under Home/Plugins/Plugin types.
  • We've removed the "Part of set" and "Purpose" filters due to limited user engagement.
  • "Received award" filter has been removed and the amount of awards that a plugin has now is displayed within the plugin card.
  • Filter options have been repositioned and updated in line with the latest Moodle UI styling.
  • Number of plugins now is displayed below the filters.
  • The sorting functionality has been replaced with a new dropdown to improve usability.
  • New "Scroll to top" link at the bottom left corner to improve the navigation when searching for plugins.