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Plugins guardians


Plugins guardians are Moodle community members who volunteer to provide peer-reviews on plugins submitted into the Plugins directory. Their peer-review is considerably taken into account when deciding on the plugin approval.


These are the main principles and goals of the Plugins guardians programme:

  1. Help to build healthy and sustainable eco-system of Moodle plugins.
  2. Protect the Moodle sites from dangerous, unreliable and generally badly written plugins.
  3. Serve the plugin authors by providing them with honest feedback on their work, together with suggestions on how to learn to improve their code.

These three come in this priority order. So for example, even not-so-well-written plugins can be approved as long as it is believed the community would benefit from them and there are signs that maintainers will improve them in the future.

How to join

Moodle developers and experienced users are welcome to sign up for the Plugin guardians programme. Please email David Mudrák for more details. Please attach links to your Moodle development related work such as published plugins, Moodle patches, forum posts in developer forums etc.