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Moodle App 4.4.0 release notes

Release date: 28 June 2024

New features and improvements

  • Blog entries edition support
  • Sites policies can be now we accepted via the app
  • New privacy and policies section in the user menu
  • Users avatars do not show a default image anymore
  • Support for partial grades in quiz
  • Improved the visualisation of attempts in quiz
  • Support for the new ordering question type
  • Course activity icons redesign
  • Integration with external communication tools
  • Improvements in the visualisation of videos in different formats
  • Accessibility improvements

New requirements

  • Minimum Android Version: Updated to 7 (from 5.1)
  • Minimum iOS Version: Updated to 13 (from 11); although it will be only tested in versions iOS 14 onward
  • Note: Android 5 and 6 users can still use version 4.3 but won't receive new updates.

For developers

  • The app now uses Ionic 7 and Angular 17
  • Custom language strings using the old format (those starting with mm. or MMA) won't be supported any more. The new string identifiers can be found here

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-3947 - Upgrade to Ionic 7 and to Angular 17
  • MOBILE-4357 - Upgrade Cordova, cordova-android to 12 and cordova-ios to 7
  • MOBILE-4449 - Use Android photo picker to avoid using READ_MEDIA_IMAGES and READ_MEDIA_VIDEO
  • MOBILE-4465 - Remove deprecated 4.0 code
  • MOBILE-4492 - Upgrade cordova-plugin-file to 8.0.1, cordova-plugin-media-capture and use cordova-plugin-camera

New feature

  • MOBILE-4219 - Create, delete and update blog entries
  • MOBILE-4329 - Add "Privacy and policies" section in the app to comply with app stores policies (delete account)
  • MOBILE-4457 - Add the Ordering question type (qtype_ordering) into the core Moodle code
  • MOBILE-4460 - Prevent links to the Moodle site (outlinks) to be displayed on the app
  • MOBILE-4463 - Implement option in app settings to clear cache
  • MOBILE-4573 - Forum search icon shouldn't appear with disabled search
  • MOBILE-4577 - Missing link handler for new section page


  • MOBILE-2823 - Remove coreToLocaleString Pipe
  • MOBILE-3403 - Avoid rendering external assets before core-external-content is applied
  • MOBILE-3862 - Improve mobile plugins documentation
  • MOBILE-4173 - iframe containing a pdf doesn't display in moodle mobile app
  • MOBILE-4243 - Communication tools integration (matrix link in mobile app)
  • MOBILE-4266 - Add theme class to the html
  • MOBILE-4268 - Design System - Error Accordion component
  • MOBILE-4272 - Decouple workshop code from initial bundle
  • MOBILE-4313 - Check Android notification and reminder settings, and let user enable them if disabled
  • MOBILE-4339 - Add a warning if quiz is being submitted with unanswered questions (follow-up of MDL-74996)
  • MOBILE-4446 - Add log assertions in Behat
  • MOBILE-4451 - Improve debugging tracker for tracking unexpected errors
  • MOBILE-4456 - Activity icons redesign
  • MOBILE-4459 - New demo mode for custom apps
  • MOBILE-4464 - Improve identification of types in site plugins
  • MOBILE-4469 - Refactor CoreSite class
  • MOBILE-4479 - Let site plugins use core-course-module-info
  • MOBILE-4483 - Support the new completion field "isoverallcomplete" (LMS 4.4 onward)
  • MOBILE-4485 - Improve the experience when attempting connecting to a site which doesn't support the app
  • MOBILE-4487 - Pass plugin "args" to the JavaScript of the plugin
  • MOBILE-4501 - Remove unnecessary permissions declaration (iOS and Android) added by cordova-diagnostic-plugin
  • MOBILE-4508 - Update H5P library to 1.26
  • MOBILE-4522 - After opening a course, the WS mod_forum_get_forums_by_courses is called even if there are no forums with tracking enabled
  • MOBILE-4524 - Avoid calling the WS core_search_get_search_areas_list after login
  • MOBILE-4525 - Optimise retrieving the course categories filter as it is called per category
  • MOBILE-4526 - Use new WebService to obtain filter overrides
  • MOBILE-4528 - Decouple mod_chat code from initial bundle
  • MOBILE-4529 - Decouple mod_survey code from initial bundle
  • MOBILE-4531 - Disable remotely the new functionality included in 4.4 (policies and privacy)
  • MOBILE-4539 - Avoid calling isDownloadable in course page
  • MOBILE-4540 - Avoid calling core_course_get_contents to get URL contents in course page
  • MOBILE-4543 - Remove open course/activity in browser from the course/activity info modal for students only
  • MOBILE-4550 - Apply changes in quiz in attempts summary (review) as well as on the summary of your previous attempts (MDL-80900 and MDL-80880)
  • MOBILE-4551 - Synchronise now (in the user preferences) should display a toast/message when the process has completed
  • MOBILE-4553 - Apply multiple total grades in quiz (MDL-74610)
  • MOBILE-4565 - Accessibility improvements for version 4.4
  • MOBILE-4579 - Improvements for user avatars
  • MOBILE-4600 - Adapt new default templates of databases


  • MOBILE-2768 - "Optional acceptance" policies cannot be accepted via the app
  • MOBILE-3622 - Customize H5P styles via Moodle theme doesn't work in the app
  • MOBILE-3790 - Text size does not change in iOS when using the existing app setting
  • MOBILE-4026 - Android: sometimes videos don't load
  • MOBILE-4304 - WebSQL Deprecation
  • MOBILE-4350 - Quiz with sequential navigation doesn't work properly
  • MOBILE-4400 - Signup: Invalid parameter value if username contains spaces
  • MOBILE-4404 - Android multiple audio files in page breaks
  • MOBILE-4430 - Course Progress bar inconsistency
  • MOBILE-4437 - Incorrect purpose color for activity module plugins
  • MOBILE-4467 - Teachers feedback for annotated assignment submissions display files that should be ignored
  • MOBILE-4478 - Some encoded links are not working properly on iOS
  • MOBILE-4481 - Use mime type of the requested file to set file extension
  • MOBILE-4490 - Fix crash in Android 5.1 and 6 due to StatusBar plugin
  • MOBILE-4491 - Fix BBB behats to work with the new "require registration" behaviour
  • MOBILE-4497 - REST exception handler: Competencies are not enabled.
  • MOBILE-4498 - Completion, comments and tags advanced features settings are not used to check the functionality availability
  • MOBILE-4499 - Local calendar events are not deleted when the user deletes a site
  • MOBILE-4502 - Font awesome icons created via editor do not display in app
  • MOBILE-4510 - H5P: wrong value stored instead of hash in the cached assets DB table
  • MOBILE-4521 - iOS: SCORM sometimes show a blank page when changing the SCO
  • MOBILE-4527 - Site Plugins don't work with AOT enabled
  • MOBILE-4530 - Fix branded attribute on event page (MDL-81089)
  • MOBILE-4544 - Hidden timer in quiz follow-ups (MDL-80630)
  • MOBILE-4560 - Question partial credit display on quiz
  • MOBILE-4563 - Update cordova-ios to 7.1.0 and Firebase iOS to 10.23.0 to comply Apple policy
  • MOBILE-4566 - VideoJS not playing .ogv files in Android devices (follow up MDL-81393)
  • MOBILE-4569 - Grade analysis opens a localhost (user teacher)
  • MOBILE-4572 - Android: Race condition when using SSO login in browser and a fixed site
  • MOBILE-4589 - Quiz - Matching question - Answer field - '<' and '>' symbols displaying as &lt; &gt;
  • MOBILE-4604 - Non-partitioned cookies are set when retrieving the site logo breaking session when trying to embed iframes