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Moodle App 4.1.0 release notes

Release date: 19 December 2022

New features and improvements

  • Activity deadline reminders - users can set personal reminders about upcoming activity deadlines
  • BigBlueButton recordings are now available in the app
  • Contact site support link is now available in the app
  • Various accessibility improvements
  • Various performance improvements in pages such as the course index

Complete list of issues



  • MOBILE-3817 - Cache priority review: apply it in My Courses page
  • MOBILE-4021 - Refactor notifications page to use split-view and swipe navigation
  • MOBILE-4027 - Avoid displaying the confirmation message to exit from the H5P activity when the user just finished an attempt
  • MOBILE-4031 - Display group selector in forum
  • MOBILE-4034 - Improve the UX when the user needs to complete some required profile fields
  • MOBILE-4038 - Timeline block: avoid showing empty courses when "Sort by courses"
  • MOBILE-4042 - Single event view per day swipe support
  • MOBILE-4054 - File type exclusion messages is very annoying we should add a don't show again or display it only once per type of file
  • MOBILE-4059 - Add an easy way to contact site support
  • MOBILE-4085 - Refactor components to use OnPush when possible and where it makes sense
  • MOBILE-4087 - DB queries performance summary helper method


  • MOBILE-3936 - In-line reminders in places where future dates are available
  • MOBILE-3978 - Cannot create offline calendar events if the create page hasn't been opened in online before
  • MOBILE-3988 - CorePromisedValue and CoreUtils.promiseDefer() are duplicating the same functionality
  • MOBILE-4011 - Support link handlers for root paths
  • MOBILE-4035 - Review activities with separate groups when user isn't in any group
  • MOBILE-4047 - Improve cron handler errors when synchronizing
  • MOBILE-4061 - Include behat tests on app code
  • MOBILE-4074 - Move default zoom level to a config.json variable
  • MOBILE-4100 - Display BBB recordings on the app
  • MOBILE-4108 - Don't allow using auto-login if redirect URL doesn't belong to site
  • MOBILE-4110 - Improve Behat workflow
  • MOBILE-4113 - Revise geolocation request when initially ignored - Database where teacher added geolocation field
  • MOBILE-4116 - Force the app to use Australia/Perth time zone in behat tests
  • MOBILE-4145 - Remove REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission from plugins
  • MOBILE-4153 - Support links to /mod/scorm/player.php
  • MOBILE-4158 - Input styles are broken in Alerts
  • MOBILE-4168 - CoreMainMenuAuthGuard: Send user to reconnect if site is logged out
  • MOBILE-4184 - Add new config setting to disable the use of tokenpluginfile.php for downloading files (so it fallbacks to pluginfile.php)


  • MOBILE-3784 - Fix timezones usage in time utils
  • MOBILE-4025 - Disable Dashboard, Site Home & My Courses: the first time it loads my courses
  • MOBILE-4041 - Mark as done icon (offline) does not look ok on iOS
  • MOBILE-4072 - After leaving full-screen mode, rotating the device on IOS resize stops working
  • MOBILE-4075 - H5P: Display error when using single activity course format
  • MOBILE-4078 - Facebook login fails sometimes when receive unexpected token
  • MOBILE-4096 - iOS: Shared file not stored if shared with the app killed and more than one site
  • MOBILE-4097 - Do not convert calendar event location to URL if it's already a URL
  • MOBILE-4099 - Don't call insert_scorm_tracks if user doesn't have permissions to save tracks
  • MOBILE-4102 - Relative dates are not correctly displayed for teachers on the app
  • MOBILE-4109 - Book autoplays media from other chapters, and media doesn't stop when changing chapter
  • MOBILE-4117 - BBB meeting info takes a long time to be updated in the app
  • MOBILE-4120 - Messages in the Moodle app multiply when changing the chat on iPad
  • MOBILE-4121 - Course data not updated if opened directly from SCORM
  • MOBILE-4126 - URL scheme not working in iOS when the app is closed
  • MOBILE-4127 - Derived CSS variables cannot be overridden properly by Remote Themes
  • MOBILE-4128 - Auth instructions should always be displayed when set on the credentials page
  • MOBILE-4131 - Invalid date when create calendar event in some languages
  • MOBILE-4137 - BBB can display that the room is ready to join when it isn't
  • MOBILE-4140 - User name comes out of the text box in group messages
  • MOBILE-4143 - Replace TeX images with MathJax equations in quiz
  • MOBILE-4146 - Remove OnPush strategy from course format component
  • MOBILE-4152 - Link handlers don't work if the URL uses a different protocol than the site URL
  • MOBILE-4154 - Cannot reenter in logged out site if it uses authentication via InAppBrowser
  • MOBILE-4163 - Plugin lifecycle hooks aren't working
  • MOBILE-4164 - Core FAB is not removed properly
  • MOBILE-4169 - Sometimes when you add a new user event on calendar instead of showing 'now' as a Date, it is 'now' minus two hours
  • MOBILE-4176 - Fix gradebook UI
  • MOBILE-4177 - Empty box height is too high when used in split view
  • MOBILE-4183 - Sometimes the user tour is not correctly positioned on iPads and it is impossible to continue using the app (user is blocked)