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Moodle App 4.0.2 release notes

Release date: 25 October 2022

This is a maintenance release, only with minor improvements and bug fixes indicated below.

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-4084 - Folder resource does not show content
  • MOBILE-4089 - Forum prefetch never finishes when downloading a single forum from Course downloads page
  • MOBILE-4091 - Error in My Courses: mypage param is no accessible on core_block_get_dashboard_blocks
  • MOBILE-4092 - Student unable to access hidden courses in App
  • MOBILE-4098 - Site plugins CSS can be broken in 4.0 if they use a relative URL
  • MOBILE-4142 - Show "Hidden from students" message in hidden courses


  • MOBILE-4118 - Android: Declare permission to use exact alarms
  • MOBILE-4122 - In-app Moodle app survey should be available only for site admins
  • MOBILE-4123 - Increase targetSdkVersion to 31
  • MOBILE-4134 - Remove REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES permission from APK file