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Moodle App 4.1.1 release notes

Release date: 28 February 2023

New features and improvements

  • Initial support to custom reports
  • New in-app audio recorder supporting common formats
  • Better support for video and audio recorded using the text editor options

Complete list of issues


New feature


  • MOBILE-2314 - Use better formats for recording media
  • MOBILE-4236 - Update Moodle Splash screen to reflect the new logo
  • MOBILE-4251 - Feedback: avoid displaying the preview button to students
  • MOBILE-4254 - Add Behat snapshot tests


  • MOBILE-4132 - Single Activity Course format: Book - table of contents is shown BUT users cannot access the chapters
  • MOBILE-4166 - RecordRTC Content Does Not Playback in iOS
  • MOBILE-4234 - Database: number fields don't consider 0 as a value
  • MOBILE-4235 - Tex formulas not working properly in H5P if only some formats are used
  • MOBILE-4238 - Character filtering title in site plugins modules with collapsible footer
  • MOBILE-4249 - Context menu items are duplicated in tablet when changing messaging conversation