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Moodle App 4.3.0 release notes

Release date: 10 November 2023

New features and improvements

  • Global and forum search support (requires Moodle LMS 4.3)
  • Users are redirected to their Moodle site after installing the app (Android only, when the app is installed following the "Get the Moodle app" link)
  • Admins can enforce automatic logout when users leave the app (requires Moodle LMS 4.3)
  • Activity cards redesign as in Moodle LMS
  • Inline Font Awesome icon support
  • File type icon support
  • Option for students to hide the quiz timer in the app
  • Improved support for enrolment plugins in the app
  • Secure storage of web service tokens
  • New premium features: Integration with Matomo Analytics and Biometric login (available via

Known issues

Accessibility: iOS 17.1 and iOS 17.2 VoiceOver might not work on certain elements. This is a bug in Apple's WebKit component, out of our control, hopefully solved on iOS 17.3. For more information check the bug report.

Experimental features support

Included in Moodle LMS version 4.3 is support for Matrix as a course communication tool. It's important to note that while this feature is integrated into the LMS, it is not currently supported by the Moodle app. Experimental features may not receive immediate support in the app.

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-4346 - Apply in the app the changes done in ogv.js tech plugin 0.2.1

New feature


  • MOBILE-3839 - Store the WS token in a safest way
  • MOBILE-3864 - Support downloading language packs for development
  • MOBILE-3973 - Use geo-pattern for courses without an image
  • MOBILE-4009 - Guest access with password support on the app
  • MOBILE-4048 - Chat, launch sessions viewed event via new WS
  • MOBILE-4191 - Increase limit of 4096 for cmi.suspend_data in SCORM
  • MOBILE-4201 - Review the logout/reconnect workflow and screen
  • MOBILE-4261 - Show user initials as a placeholder for the user profile picture
  • MOBILE-4267 - Make user profile data more consistent between app and LMS
  • MOBILE-4273 - Decouple ChartJS code from initial bundle
  • MOBILE-4283 - Allow students to hide the quiz timer (mobile app)
  • MOBILE-4318 - Support report block in the Moodle app
  • MOBILE-4323 - Allow enrolment plugins to indicate whether they want to be supported in the app via the "Enrol me" button
  • MOBILE-4331 - Android system navigation bar should maintain the apps bottom style
  • MOBILE-4341 - Improve http errors debugging info
  • MOBILE-4342 - Stop sending the Accept-Charset header in the app
  • MOBILE-4343 - Remove PHP dependency to build language packs
  • MOBILE-4348 - Redesign of activity cards
  • MOBILE-4351 - Completion status in the app might be confusing
  • MOBILE-4352 - Pass the current app language as a parameter to the existing ajax endpoints requests
  • MOBILE-4367 - Trigger dashboard (my/index.php) and my courses (my/courses.php) events via WS
  • MOBILE-4368 - Prepare the app to be able to support analytics
  • MOBILE-4374 - Support the new social custom user profile field
  • MOBILE-4379 - Add CTA button in assignment when submissions plugins are not compatible
  • MOBILE-4384 - Support new option in "About" section "legal disclaimer" via config
  • MOBILE-4387 - Translate ion-select buttons
  • MOBILE-4390 - Requests to login/token.php should support multi-lang
  • MOBILE-4396 - Update Android splash to use SVG and make it consistent in iOS
  • MOBILE-4398 - iOS development app cannot be inspected in iOS 16.4+
  • MOBILE-4401 - Remove redundant error when a wiki is empty
  • MOBILE-4405 - Support LMS auto logout
  • MOBILE-4407 - Consistent support to LMS 4.3 activity mime file type icons


  • MOBILE-4189 - Long activity titles overlap the collapsible header
  • MOBILE-4212 - Assignment: message information regarding being able to edit a submission is wrong in some case
  • MOBILE-4309 - Support inline Font Awesome icons
  • MOBILE-4340 - Respect Embedded answers (Cloze) rendering format
  • MOBILE-4344 - Cron tasks synchronising unread messages and notifications are not considering when the features are disabled
  • MOBILE-4349 - Moodle App shows discussion due dates for future courses where my enrollment is not current
  • MOBILE-4360 - White spaces between | in custom language strings are breaking the feature
  • MOBILE-4370 - App displays unneeded "Show more" when there are a lot of availability restrictions
  • MOBILE-4372 - Course index fab user tour is not displayed correctly in RTL langs
  • MOBILE-4373 - Pages and Numbers files (Apple) can't be downloaded or accessed
  • MOBILE-4377 - Site home not shown if only blocks are present
  • MOBILE-4382 - Displayed remaining time does not take into account granted extensions
  • MOBILE-4383 - Prevent downloading for offline quizzes with sequential navigation is enabled
  • MOBILE-4385 - Hide side-blocks that are empty
  • MOBILE-4393 - Add files from camera is not working properly
  • MOBILE-4414 - Contact support is hidden when site config is not provided
  • MOBILE-4418 - Feedback: 'attempt not found' error when viewing certain groups attempts
  • MOBILE-4420 - SCORM tracks are stored in wrong SCO when using LMSFinish
  • MOBILE-4428 - Adaptive quiz checks no longer work in the app