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Moodle 4.3.5

Release date: 10 June 2024

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 4.3.5.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-78768 - Cannot import more than one New Grade Item
  • MDL-77272 - Enable module level report options
  • MDL-81613 - Log report does not export user fullname when downloading
  • MDL-51360 - Full course grade recalculation can have huge impact on opening/closing quizzes
  • MDL-81897 - Incorrect handling of partitioned cookies is preventing the mobile app from using the "embedded browser" authentication method
  • MDL-81717 - Increase robustness of the task for downloading/upgrading H5P content types in case any of them fails
  • MDL-68262 - assignfeedback_pdf uses tempdir instead of requestdir
  • MDL-80583 - Course won't load if the Matrix server is unavailable
  • MDL-81733 - The multi-language filter is not supported on the navigation link to the next activity in Lesson
  • MDL-81850 - Restriction by group works incorrectly
  • MDL-81724 - "Heading X" strings are not translated in the TinyMCE editor
  • MDL-81380 - Error in the Column Sort Order question bank plugin
  • MDL-80571 - Add the ability to enable/disable specific TinyMCE Premium Plugins from site administration
  • MDL-82015 - The dates of the BigBlueButton import recordings links in are incorrectly formatted
  • MDL-81870 - Stricter validation of upgrade savepoint components
  • MDL-81749 - SCORM activity completion not respecting requirement
  • MDL-73735 - Minor duplicate line in course/rest.php
  • MDL-81146 - Buttons not disabled when form submitted in Chrome browser
  • MDL-80911 - Some ad-hoc tasks fail when run from cron with keep-alive flag
  • MDL-81904 - A Feedback activity with no questions throws an exception when exporting questions
  • MDL-81948 - Error on falling back to standard normal layout on outputlib.php
  • MDL-81274 - Allow import to respect approval status for database activity entries
  • MDL-78433 - Duplicate search form on course/search when searching as a student
  • MDL-70441 - Wrong workflow state shown to graders who can't release grades
  • MDL-81407 - Adding and deleting a Question Custom Field can break the Question Bank Sort Order screen
  • MDL-81862 - Files attached to the activity instructions in an assignment are not retained during backup
  • MDL-80849 - Numeric user IDs throws error while creating users in Matrix
  • MDL-81570 - Tiny editor "Premium" plugin missing language string debugging
  • MDL-82045 - Category autocomplete disappears when copy course form is not valid
  • MDL-81544 - The hint displayed when editing the question heading is not as neat in RTL as it is in LTR
  • MDL-81397 - Missing capability checks hide section editing controls during AJAX reloads
  • MDL-81530 - Tiny editor does not load when editing a calendar event in Firefox
  • MDL-81434 - Applying the same condition/filter to custom report can throw DML exceptions
  • MDL-81601 - Activity with only "Receive a grade" for the completion condition is being shown as "Failed" in the course index
  • MDL-81318 - "Download all submissions" generates HTML file for online text when nothing has been submitted
  • MDL-81750 - Filemanager cannot be disabled by disabledif when in a form group
  • MDL-81564 - When a database activity field type is missing the error is displayed for all fields added just after
  • MDL-78889 - Pass/fail icons are shown for grade totals, even when the totals are set to hidden
  • MDL-81538 - Incorrect popover arrow position in RTL layout
  • MDL-81610 - Improve core_courseformat_get_state performance
  • MDL-81587 - Checkboxes when adding random questions cause confusion
  • MDL-81656 - H5P core "Edit H5P content" link has problem with empty spaces

Security fixes

  • MSA-24-0021 - BigBlueButton web service leaks meeting joining information to users who should not have access
  • MSA-24-0022 - Stored XSS via calendar's event title when deleting the event
  • MSA-24-0023 - HTTP authorization header is preserved between "emulated redirects"
  • MSA-24-0024 - CSRF risks due to misuse of confirm_sesskey
  • MSA-24-0025 - QR login key and auto-login key for the Moodle mobile app should be generated as separate keys