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Moodle Mobile 2.4 release notes

Release date: 21th October 2015

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile 2.4

New features

  • External tool - users can access LTI-compliant learning resources via the app
  • Survey - users can now take surveys

Both features require Moodle 3.0 or the Moodle App additional features plugin.



External tool (LTI)

External tool (LTI)


  • Improved internet connection availability checking.


  • Formatting of titles.

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1252 - Some titles lack format-text
  • MOBILE-1254 - Pull to refresh in my courses doesn't refresh addons
  • MOBILE-1266 - Network checks are failing in some devices and wifis
  • MOBILE-1272 - Misspell in sites.js
  • MOBILE-1277 - Cannot read property 'FILEOUTDATED' of undefined in mod_imscp, mod_page and mod_resource


  • MOBILE-1265 - Replace the HEAD request in $mmSitesManager#siteExists with a GET request
  • MOBILE-1267 - Improve how the Moodle minium version required is checked
  • MOBILE-1271 - Populate automatically the subject field when replying a forum post

New Feature