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Moodle Mobile 2.6 release notes

Release date: 27th November 2015

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile 2.6

New features

  • Download all resources - users can choose to download all resources in a course section or in the whole course
  • Keyboard display - the keyboard is automatically displayed on a new screen requiring the user to enter data

Download all resources

Download all resources

Keyboard display

Keyboard display


  • Folder - users can choose to download all the contents


  • Gradebook table not displayed if it contains hidden grades
  • Page and book resource logging

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1236 - Deleted users don't have empty images in Moodle 3.0
  • MOBILE-1275 - When a module's description is long it can push the content down too much
  • MOBILE-1309 - Logging for page and book is not working
  • MOBILE-1313 - Delete site files doesn't clear filepool
  • MOBILE-1315 - Gradebook table is not rendered if it contains hidden grades
  • MOBILE-1316 - Some course addons are shown twice sometimes
  • MOBILE-1321 - $mmLang.translateErrorAndReject is not a function
  • MOBILE-1324 - Timemodified calculation is wrong in the new _downloadOrPrefetchPackage
  • MOBILE-1330 - Disable shortening description in mod_label
  • MOBILE-1331 - Spinner showing forever in a module


  • MOBILE-1310 - Do not report Content-Type errors anymore
  • MOBILE-1311 - Fix the README file
  • MOBILE-1314 - Add mm_course-section to the ignoredFiles list in the error reporting tool
  • MOBILE-1318 - Show loading while addons are being loaded in delegates
  • MOBILE-1325 - Implement download all files in a folder
  • MOBILE-1326 - Update ionic to version 1.1.1

New Feature

  • MOBILE-1297 - New download all option (for downloading all the course contents)
  • MOBILE-1308 - Display the keyboard automatically on some screens