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Moodle Mobile 2.9 release notes

Release date: 29th February 2016

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile 2.9

New features

  • Glossary - users can browse glossary entries (requires Moodle 2.6 onwards with the Moodle App additional features plugin installed).
  • Course and activity links can be followed using the app. For example, a link to a glossary entry will open in the app, or a link to a different course will show that course in the app. This allows any activity to be displayed.

Glossary with options

Glossary with options

Glossary by author

Glossary by author

Glossary term

Glossary term


  • Downloaded files now keep their original name so they can be easily found by other apps (such as the PDF browser).
  • Each page of the app now has a unique CSS class name. This means that specific pages may be styled by remote themes.


  • SCORM player bugs fixed
  • Embedded videos now work
  • Longer chat messages are displayed in full

Moodle App additional features plugin

  • New option to check if the plugin is correctly configured
  • New setting to support custom URL schemes

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1224 - Videos and audios in descriptions aren't playable
  • MOBILE-1399 - Errors shown in log if you logout when certain operations are being executed
  • MOBILE-1400 - Chat messages are not displayed in full
  • MOBILE-1403 - Error downloading or viewing files in iOs app
  • MOBILE-1412 - Show right error message and update module status in resource downloads
  • MOBILE-1425 - Users asked to login twice using a browser window on custom apps
  • MOBILE-1427 - SCORM: Error downloading SCORM if package is updated and course contents view is cached
  • MOBILE-1428 - LMSFinish is returning bool values instead a string with the bool value as a literal
  • MOBILE-1432 - Incorrect nesting of some elements in the side menu
  • MOBILE-1437 - Message delete button has too much height in iOS
  • MOBILE-1438 - Show loading when searching in a glossary


  • MOBILE-1358 - Display the site or my courses page to the user based on the defaulthomepage setting value
  • MOBILE-1391 - Allow executing SCORM functions in any site
  • MOBILE-1392 - Speed up loading of course sections
  • MOBILE-1397 - Pass parameters to login/token.php only in browser
  • MOBILE-1407 - Backport core_notes_delete_notes to local_mobile
  • MOBILE-1408 - Preserve file names in the file pool
  • MOBILE-1423 - Capture links with target = _parent, _blank and _top
  • MOBILE-1429 - Embedded media like audios or videos shouldn't be downloaded is they are big
  • MOBILE-1433 - Add a class to each ion-content to identify the template/state
  • MOBILE-1439 - Resources download should alert the user about the file size

New Feature

  • MOBILE-1158 - Capture links in content and redirect to addon when possible
  • MOBILE-1279 - Implementing mod_glossary
  • MOBILE-1319 - New option for messages: delete messages in a conversation
  • MOBILE-1357 - Capture links in content and redirect to course
  • MOBILE-1404 - Support opening app pages via Custom URL Schemes
  • MOBILE-1414 - Add a new option in the local_mobile plugin for checking the plugin configuration status


  • MOBILE-1160 - Investigate serving of aliased audio files from mod_book
  • MOBILE-1341 - Backport glossary functions to local_mobile