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Accessibility checklist

This document proposes a checklist for accessibility reviews. Not all aspects of accessibility can be checked automatically, so this checklist is intended to guide reviewers when doing an accessibility check to a patch.


Whilst we'd all like all Moodle users to be using our latest and greatest code, there is a balance to strike between improving our software and maintaining stability (both in terms of regressions, but also training and documentation materials). Large amounts of change on the stable branches make the lives difficult for institutions to manage upgrades between point releases.

Bug triage

Triage is a medical term referring to the process of prioritising patients based on the severity of their condition so as to maximise benefit (help as many as possible) when resources are limited.

Component lead review

This document summarises the intent, purpose, and process surrounding component lead reviews (CLR).

Component library

The Component Library is a developer tool provided to help identify frequently-used user interface components, and encourage their re-use.


If you want to contribute to Moodle, you can start looking at the following:


Deprecation, in its programming sense, is the process of taking older code and marking it as no longer being useful within the codebase, usually because it has been superseded by newer code. The deprecated code is not immediately removed from the codebase because doing so may cause regression errors.

Integration review

All the information related to the integration review process during the Moodle development.


This page gives an overview of the process of developing Moodle and outlines some of the basic concepts to better understand this Developer documentation.

Peer review

All the information related to the peer-reviewing process during the Moodle development.

Penetration testing

This is information for people who want to performing a penetration test of their Moodle instance as well as information for pen testers.

QA testing

All the information related to the Qualify Assurance tests during the Moodle development.

SCSS Deprecation

Since Moodle 4.4, it's possible to deprecate SCSS styles and classes. This allows us to safely remove SCSS and will help us keep the code cleaner and more organized.

Security procedures

In the Moodle software, security issues are treated very seriously. Even though a lot of time is dedicated designing the code to avoid such problems, it is inevitable in a project of this size that new vulnerabilities will occasionally be discovered.


All the information related to testing during the Moodle development.

Testing instructions guide

This page has suggestions for developers on how to write good testing instructions for the weekly testing of integrated issues.