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Documentation process

Issue labelling

Prior to each major release, add labels to closed issues as follows:

  • docs_required - new features and improvements which need documenting, also changes which require the existing documentation to be updated.
  • ui_change - significant changes to the student or teacher user interface.
  • upgrade_notes - issues that may affect upgraded sites such as new site admin settings, user tours, major UI changes.

Writing documentation

  1. Go through the list of closed MDL docs_required-labelled issues and write documentation based on the issue description or testing instructions. If it's unclear, comment in the issue asking for help.
  2. Go through the list of ui_change-labelled issues for the version e.g. ui_change-labelled issues with 4.3 fix version and update existing documentation including screenshots.
  3. Go through the list of upgrade_notes-labelled issues for the version e.g. upgrade_notes-labelled issues with 4.3 fix version and add documentation to the docs page Upgrading under 'Possible issues that may affect you in Moodle x'.
  4. When saving the documentation wiki edit, mention the tracker issue number in the edit summary.
  5. For a new feature or improvement with at least a paragraph of documentation, edit the tracker issue and add the documentation link. For an existing documentation update, there is no need to add a documentation link.
  6. Optional: Add a comment to the tracker issue with the documentation link.
  7. Remove the docs_required label from the tracker issue. Leave the ui_change and upgrade_notes labels on the issues.