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The preferred way to write new ajax interactions in Moodle is to use the JavaScript module core/ajax which directly calls web service functions built using the Moodle Web Service API.

Combobox searching

A combobox search component has been added to the core Moodle system. This component provides an additional layer of search functionality, allowing users to easily navigate and filter search results. The combobox search component is designed to be reusable and can be integrated into various areas of the Moodle platform.

Inplace editable

The inplace_editable element is a mini-API which allows developers to easily support editing of a value on any page. The interface is used in places such as the course section and activity name editing.


A JavaScript module is a package of code that can be reliably used and shared with other code in a reusable format.


A guide to the features and use of Mustache templating in Moodle.


As of Moodle 2.9 we are transitioning away from YUI to AMD modules. This transition will take a long time, but it is important because the YUI team have stopped all new development on the YUI library. See JavaScript Modules for more information.