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Version: 4.4

Example usages

Core Search Dropdown Migration

Several grade report modules have been migrated to use the new core search dropdown component. This migration provides a more consistent user experience across different grade report modules and allows for easier maintenance and updates.

The following grade reports were migrated within MDL-77991:

  • Grade report user
  • Grade report single view
  • Grade report grader

Third party usage

Whilst working on MDL-77991, the Moodle development team also migrated the following third party plugin to use the new core search dropdown component as a proof of concept:

Quick start

To use the core components in your own Moodle module, you can follow these steps:

  • Import the core component(s) you want to use:
use core\output\comboboxsearch;
  • Instantiate the component with the appropriate options in PHP:
$searchdropdows = new comboboxsearch(
'Trigger button content',
$data['templatevalue'] = $searchdropdown->export_for_template(\renderer_base);
  • Instantiate the component JS within PHP:
$PAGE->requires->js_call_amd('<yourplugin>/<yourjsfile>', 'init');

This will output the HTML for the search dropdown component with the specified options. You can customize the options to fit your specific use case.