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Version: 4.2

Service creation

Moodle comes with two built-in services that your functions can be attached to.

In rare situations, you may need to create a create a custom service declaration.

The recommended way of creating a new service declaration is by placing it into the db/services.php file as a new service declaration.

Moodle Administrators can also manually create a service declaration using the web interface.

This is an advanced feature and, in most cases, you will not need to use this feature.


Whilst writing a service declaration is optional, if you do not create a service declaration, then the Moodle administrator will have to create one manually through the Web UI.

If you define a web service here, then the administrator cannot add or remove any function from it.

Declaring a custom service declaration

Service declarations should be placed in the db/services.php file of your plugin, for example local/groupmanager/db/services.php.

$services = [
// The name of the service.
// This does not need to include the component name.
'myintegration' => [

// A list of external functions available in this service.
'functions' => [

// If set, the external service user will need this capability to access
// any function of this service.
// For example: 'local_groupmanager/integration:access'
'requiredcapability' => 'local_groupmanager/integration:access',

// If enabled, the Moodle administrator must link a user to this service from the Web UI.
'restrictedusers' => 0,

// Whether the service is enabled by default or not.
'enabled' => 1,

// This field os optional, but requried if the `restrictedusers` value is
// set, so as to allow configuration via the Web UI.
'shortname' => '',

// Whether to allow file downloads.
'downloadfiles' => 0,

// Whether to allow file uploads.
'uploadfiles' => 0,

It is not possible for an administrator to add/remove any function from a pre-built service.