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Acceptance testing for the Moodle App

In order to run tests that carry out automated functionality testing for the Moodle App, you can write Acceptance tests. This can be useful if you want to test plugins that are compatible with the app, or you're contributing to the app core. Behat tests for the app work the same way as tests for Moodle core, but they are not run as part of a normal Behat execution and there are some differences that we'll go through in this page.


This page describes the internals of Behat and the integration with Moodle.


This page complements Behat providing info about how to run the acceptance tests suite in different browsers.

Generator tool

The Generator tool is a Moodle administration tool that allows you to generate test data for your Moodle site. It is helpful for testing and development purposes, as it can create a large number of users, courses, and other entities in a short time.

Running acceptance tests

Moodle uses Behat, a php framework for automated functional testing, as part of a suite of testing tools.

Writing acceptance tests

This documentation gives some hints on writing behat tests for Moodle core, and for plugins. The focus of the documentation is on behat tests for plugins. Behat Features and Scenarios are written in a natural language, and should