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Moodle 4.2.6

Unsupported Moodle Version
This version of Moodle is no longer supported for general bug fixes.
You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

Release date: 12 February 2024

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 4.2.6.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-79937 - Lesson: Matching questions does not match with expected response
  • MDL-76719 - "userisfilteredout" error in assignment when attempting to grade with "Grade" and a filter is set which returns an empty submissions list
  • MDL-78311 - Error in IP validation code returning an empty string when a valid IP is passed as a parameter
  • MDL-69225 - "Preview mode" warning banner is displayed on H5P activities even when not applicable
  • MDL-69615 - Automated backup reports email should be send after all backups are done (all "Ad-hoc task to save pending course")
  • MDL-79091 - Award badges task fails when badge requires multiple deleted activities
  • MDL-59467 - Mustache_Exception: Unknown helper: uniqid
  • MDL-36733 - Wildcards should be useable in hints of calculated questiontypes
  • MDL-80333 - New login notification task always queued even when feature is disabled
  • MDL-70058 - Textarea custom field can't be updated by core_course_update_courses webservice
  • MDL-69497 - Filtering in grader fails if user does not have moodle/user:editownprofile capability
  • MDL-75579 - Asynchronous restore keeps deleting course/student content
  • MDL-80224 - City/town defaults to the uploader's City/town when uploading users
  • MDL-79152 - TinyMCE spell check not working
  • MDL-80246 - TinyMCE's equation editor tabs not working in the quiz attempt
  • MDL-29261 - User upload add validity check to test if country is 2 letter code
  • MDL-79307 - Assign feedback PDF conversion task should handle misconfigured ghostscript better
  • MDL-80544 - H5P Question Set api-version-unsupported - running 1.25, 1.26 or higher required
  • MDL-76716 - Unhandled dml_exception on grade_grade deletion results in hanging transaction
  • MDL-74775 - Time created is reset when adhoc task fails
  • MDL-79681 - Participants filter for last access to course doesn't work correctly
  • MDL-80498 - Import group form filepicker field is not defined as required
  • MDL-80499 - Editing date fields in Database modules incorrectly displays the date, using the user's timezone
  • MDL-80081 - TinyMCE strips empty HTML tags
  • MDL-80271 - User_update_user always writes to database
  • MDL-80667 - Running a task in the admin UI isn't possible, if config.php use environments variables
  • MDL-80537 - Question bank freezes if using word <title> in question text
  • MDL-80523 - Error upgrading label "ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB"
  • MDL-80289 - Recording lost when migrating from 3.9 to 4.x
  • MDL-80412 - User sorting failure on SQL Server when initial sorting is on the user name
  • MDL-80727 - Replace hard-coded language strings on adhoc task runner page
  • MDL-80692 - Calendar new event modal shows wrong date (based on timezone)
  • MDL-71665 - Changing the name of an activity does not change the access restriction messages
  • MDL-80357 - Single-line comment on the last row of Raw SCSS theme setting breaks theme functionality
  • MDL-80199 - Duplicate "All logs" navigation breadcrumbs viewing user report
  • MDL-80353 - Accessibility issues with Add/remove users selector (i.e. add/remove to groups)
  • MDL-80323 - H5P Task for downloading content types silently fails
  • MDL-78999 - Site logo does not appear in mobile view
  • MDL-80446 - Console errors, failure to move label questions in feedback activity
  • MDL-80559 - Message Notification: missing link to Badges
  • MDL-79725 - lti1p3 OIDC Login creates broken URL for auth URLs already containing query parameters
  • MDL-80232 - Forum Report summary does not page results correctly
  • MDL-80374 - Grader report contains untranslated plugin names
  • MDL-80270 - Row for last student in grader report sticks when column averages are hidden
  • MDL-80564 - For user without capability viewfullnames the user name column in RB may be incorrect
  • MDL-78888 - Upload users by "Match on email address" creates users with same email address when the email is different letter case
  • MDL-80058 - TinyMCE can't add preformatted text or plaintext code block
  • MDL-80255 - Don't force SCORM to have 'Completed' requirement by default
  • MDL-67772 - Forums don't thread properly in email clients when message IDs are rewritten
  • MDL-78417 - uploaduser.php fails when custom profile field that is not required exists
  • MDL-80660 - Switch role on Dashboard redirects to Site Home
  • MDL-78173 - Wrong redirect when switching to another user as admin
  • MDL-74500 - Creating a required Checkbox user profile field no longer force users to update profile
  • MDL-79701 - Not possible to see full course name in upcoming events course block

Accessibility improvements

  • MDL-80676 - Refreshing action menus via AJAX result in duplicate IDs for action menu links
  • MDL-80192 - Report builder form fieldsets without legends
  • MDL-80668 - Modal accessibility issue (aria role)
  • MDL-80041 - Use built-in form validation for grade value inputs in the single view grade report

Security improvements

  • MDL-80124 - Admin preset tool doesn't correctly prevent the deletion of core presets
  • MDL-80532 - Viewing quickstart guide in course overview sends your sesskey to external site

Security fixes

  • MSA-24-0001 - Denial of service risk in file picker unzip functionality
  • MSA-24-0002 - Forum search accepted random parameters in its URL
  • MSA-24-0003 - H5P attempts report did not respect activity group settings
  • MSA-24-0004 - Forum export did not respect activity group settings
  • MSA-24-0005 - CSRF risk in Language import utility
  • MSA-24-0006 - IDOR on dashboard comments block