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Moodle 4.2.4

Unsupported Moodle Version
This version of Moodle is no longer supported for general bug fixes.
You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

Release date: 11 December 2023

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 4.2.4.

General fixes and improvements

  • MDL-64431 - Layers missing from PDFs in grading view
  • MDL-68652 - Forum grades include teacher, all roles
  • MDL-80150 - Reintroduce activity mime file type icons (meaning each file has its extension icon) (backport of MDL-78285)
  • MDL-76555 - PHP8.0 error in mod_resource if legacy instances are present
  • MDL-75572 - Badges using activity completion with passing grade criteria, even when failed grade is given
  • MDL-60632 - Chart rendering fails in quiz report when overall negative grades
  • MDL-74129 - Copyright button in H5P activities ignores the metadata information
  • MDL-79148 - When a recording is imported on a Room with Recording type of BigBlueButton activity, it won't show the link to watch it
  • MDL-78775 - Error in the grader report when attempting to modify a grade after using the search filter
  • MDL-71414 - The attempt report for H5P drag-and-drop type questions is erroneous when answer elements are in multiple drop zones
  • MDL-74378 - Quiz closing more than 1 h after opening stops auto-saving and does not auto-submit
  • MDL-79611 - Assignment View with missing group is wrongly displayed
  • MDL-78103 - More menu text exceeds the menu border in RTL
  • MDL-42189 - User can still see grade in overview report for the courses where their enrolment is suspended
  • MDL-79639 - Deadlock while running ad-hoc task quiz_statistics\task\recalculate
  • MDL-79615 - Inefficient cache rebuilding when bulk-updating course module visibility
  • MDL-76937 - Delete Course Button can be clicked twice
  • MDL-79194 - Activity context menu not updated when topic un-hidden
  • MDL-79367 - Activity access restrictions do not work when using activity completion with passing grade criteria and failed grade is given
  • MDL-79648 - In format weeks you get 29 October twice
  • MDL-79185 - Fix statcache race condition in cachestore_file
  • MDL-76457 - Popover context pointing arrows should be flipped in RTL mode
  • MDL-79806 - quiz_statistics ad-hoc task should be triggered when attempts are deleted
  • MDL-78481 - Multi-language filter v2 not working properly for matching questions in a lesson
  • MDL-79633 - Database timeadded and timemodified hour display when hovering
  • MDL-79807 - When a question is added or removed from a quiz, we must remove all cached stats immediately
  • MDL-79501 - Editing Multiple Videos in TinyMCE Editor uses the first video instead of selected one
  • MDL-77816 - Clicking the "Validate completion" button from within a BigBlueButton activity results in an "invalidparameter"
  • MDL-79604 - Exception when missing checkbox field in db activity template
  • MDL-80035 - Function 'theme_boost\output\core_renderer::edit_button' throws an Exception when "haseditswitch" has no value
  • MDL-79966 - Scheduled task timing (crontab fields) is wrong
  • MDL-79841 - Left and right borders disappearing from boxes in small screens
  • MDL-75616 - restore_backup CLI command fails when CFG->backuptempdir is defined
  • MDL-77364 - Display the whole full name of course on course cards in "My courses" page or add a tooltip on mouse hover
  • MDL-79956 - Import Recording Link shown for all users
  • MDL-79635 - Incorrect number of query parameters while listing users by student
  • MDL-79422 - nologin WS fetches should not fail subsequent requests on error
  • MDL-78670 - Prevent using offline quizzes when sequential navigation is enabled
  • MDL-74248 - MP3 files uploaded to folder resources will not play in Chrome
  • MDL-79601 - In RTL mode the Course Progress Report displays First/Last Name in LTR format
  • MDL-80002 - Forum summary report date filtering throws an exception
  • MDL-79512 - A teacher can not change the order of the questions in feedback activity
  • MDL-79858 - The "Request a course" button is badly styled on my courses
  • MDL-79856 - Role deletion confirmation contains missing role name
  • MDL-80181 - Wiki comments table has broken column width
  • MDL-79992 - Course backups are not displayed in the Restore when accessing from a module page
  • MDL-79827 - Tiny editor link plugin doesn't correctly observe whether files can be uploaded
  • MDL-79747 - quiz_statistics ad-hoc task should not set a userid: prevents quiz submission if main admin is nologin
  • MDL-79617 - Close session early during file upload process
  • MDL-79352 - Admin tools link in plugin overview page leads to broken URL
  • MDL-79160 - Questions: The answer field is overflowed the parent width when the size is too big
  • MDL-78979 - Restore or copy a course change links to database items
  • MDL-79365 - Cannot edit courses when unique custom text fields are present
  • MDL-79781 - Error in Courses Pending approval when the default role is deleted
  • MDL-79325 - Group overview export doesn't correctly format group names
  • MDL-77274 - Letter avatars should respect the preference which should come first family or given names
  • MDL-80019 - Completion form Freeze should not allow to edit the completion events
  • MDL-80234 - Passed requirement as default activity completion is not saved for SCORM
  • MDL-80045 - Starred courses block off centred in right drawer under 575px screen width
  • MDL-78903 - Tiny media image plugin doesn't properly honour file upload options
  • MDL-78849 - "Continue as guest" button shows when already logged in as guest and being redirected to login page
  • MDL-79801 - Tags custom report entity "flagged" value incorrectly calculated
  • MDL-79979 - Test course creation in Site administration is not taking 'Auto-enrol admin in new courses' setting into consideration
  • MDL-80015 - Category 'More' menu dropdown sits 'off-screen'
  • MDL-80286 - Database date type fields with values smaller than -2147483648 lead to "Error reading database" exceptions
  • MDL-80254 - Cron task issue with Send report schedules (core_reportbuilder\task\send_schedules),Invalid user
  • MDL-78650 - Assignment is still in timeline after submission with group submission, require to click submit, and no activity completion options
  • MDL-76694 - Comment JS error when run in embedded page layouts
  • MDL-79623 - Component Library: core/confirm wrong content key
  • MDL-79279 - Importing cloze questions does not import their Idnumbers
  • MDL-80341 - Quiz submission confirmation: description items should not be counted as unanswered questions

Accessibility improvements

  • MDL-77651 - Decorative icons should be hidden from the screen reader (WCAG 2.1 - 1.1.1 Non-text Content)
  • MDL-80185 - Invalid language attribute on HTML tag for languages such as en_wp and de_kids
  • MDL-71336 - Dynamic forms use the same id for different date elements
  • MDL-80121 - Empty heading in Gradebook Single View report's zero state page
  • MDL-79705 - User profile: checkbox profile fields rendered in a way that is not accessible
  • MDL-80131 - Make the title of the pages on the database module unique
  • MDL-79061 - Provide feedback for actions performed on the course page
  • MDL-79062 - Grader report accessibility issues
  • MDL-80043 - Make the page titles for single view and grader reports more unique

Security fixes

  • MSA-23-0044 - Authenticated remote code execution risk in logstore as manager
  • MSA-23-0045 - DOS risk in URL downloader
  • MSA-23-0046 - Authenticated remote code execution risk in course blocks
  • MSA-23-0047 - Logs and Live logs course reports did not respect activity group settings
  • MSA-23-0048 - Stored XSS in grader report via user ID number
  • MSA-23-0049 - Reflected XSS risk in grader report search
  • MSA-23-0050 - Survey responses did not respect group settings
  • MSA-23-0051 - Badge recipients are available to all users
  • MSA-23-0052 - XSS risk when manually running a task in the admin UI
  • MSA-23-0053 - Reflected XSS risk on ad-hoc tasks page