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Moodle 3.5.5

Unsupported Moodle Version
This version of Moodle is no longer supported and will not receive fixes for security risks.
You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

Release date: 11 March 2019

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.5.5.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-63892 - Last post date and time shown correctly on forum page
  • MDL-64609 - Gradebook regrading no longer gets stuck
  • MDL-43428 - Quiz now displays the correct time left when quiz close date before time limit
  • MDL-62345 - Site home and Dashboard now have different data-key attributes when the home page is set to site
  • MDL-61405 - All assignment 'View annotated PDF' buttons work
  • MDL-63103 - Server files performance improvement for sites with lots of activities and files
  • MDL-63677 - Users no longer redirected back to a policy agreement when creating a new account
  • MDL-55135 - View competency framework no longer required for viewing competencies in a course
  • MDL-62454 - Numerical question units are displayed on the same line
  • MDL-64553 - Notifications table has index for the useridfrom column
  • MDL-64521 - Participants page performance improvement for courses with ~50k users and 10 groups
  • MDL-48338 - A single simple discussion forum now scrolls to new posts
  • MDL-60972 - Deleting course sections now also delete files used in the section description
  • MDL-64652 - Data export performance improvement
  • MDL-63674 - RTL languages correctly aligned in messaging interface
  • MDL-64240 - Forum post word count correctly reflects the size of posts
  • MDL-62680 - Accessibility improvement for quiz question feedback
  • MDL-64679 - Option to clear prediction for analytics trained models
  • MDL-62963 - Clearer button background in Boost
  • MDL-64640 - Deleting of feedback question and deleting of user tour step no longer give a 404 error
  • MDL-63372 - Bootstrap card deck Boost CSS fix
  • MDL-64856 - Glossary 'Actions menu' icon no longer disappears when browsing
  • MDL-64730 - External tool 0 points score now correctly recorded as zero in the gradebook
  • MDL-64464 - Drag and drop question types now allow use of mixed languages
  • MDL-62143 - Boost navigation bar accessibility improvements
  • MDL-64561 - Install database CLI script now shows help even if Moodle is already installed
  • MDL-63706 - Scheduled task mod_forum\task\cron_task no longer fails when executed as "Run now" (backport of MDL-60514)
  • MDL-64385 - 'Allowed email domains' setting is now case insensitive
  • MDL-63628 - Download assignment submission files via keyboard accessibility fix
  • MDL-64469 - Question bank category edit link usability improvement
  • MDL-63378 - Boost theme menu links contrast accessibility fix
  • MDL-64971 - get_with_capability_join, get_users_by_capability, assign/unassign_capability now check the capability exists

Security issues

  • MSA-19-0004 "Log in as" functionality exposed to JavaScript risk on other users' Dashboards
  • MSA-19-0005 Logged in users could view all calendar events
  • MSA-19-0006 Users could elevate their role when accessing the LTI tool on a provider site
  • MSA-19-0007 Stored HTML in assignment submission comments allowed links to be opened directly
  • MSA-19-0008 Secure layout contained an insecure link in Boost theme