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Moodle 1.6.3

Unreleased Moodle Version
This version of Moodle has not yet been released.

Release date: 10th October 2006

Full details of these issues can be found in the tracker


  • A vulnerability was discovered that could allow SQL injections if a parameter was improperly used. Full details of this particular issue are on the Moodle Security site. All registered Moodle admins were notified by direct email on Saturday September 30th.

General Bugs Fixed

  • MDL-3048 - Release note should note not to use some PHP versions
  • MDL-3805 - mod.html in is not XHTML1.0 Transitional compliant
  • MDL-5378 - shorten_text doesn't work for oriental languages
  • MDL-5601 - cloze question restore error problem
  • MDL-5884 - Turn Student View On
  • MDL-5893 - Blackboard export/backup course does not restore to Moodle correctly
  • MDL-6084 - Restore to new course failure notice if logged in as course creator
  • MDL-6128 - 1.6, special chars and messaging system.
  • MDL-6193 - problem with login/index.php file
  • MDL-6205 - slashes not stripped when re-editing profile
  • MDL-6224 - Syntax error creating tables on install
  • MDL-6247 - Error checking for missing themes
  • MDL-6271 - breadcrumb problem
  • MDL-6272 - DB Enrolment not recording enrolment end date
  • MDL-6334 - Unnecessary group menu in Feedback popup window
  • MDL-6336 - After utf8-migration unserializing of old essay fails
  • MDL-6341 - "Student view" locks out designers/administrators from courses not available to students
  • MDL-6342 - cannot move forum post to other forum when the subject includes an apostrophe
  • MDL-6363 - typo in mod/forum/restorelib.php prevents grouped discussions from being accessible to group after a restore.
  • MDL-6375 - Uploaded assignments are not available from the student submission page once graded
  • MDL-6480 - Import of multichoice questions in Moodle XML format doesn't use shuffle option. Fix included
  • MDL-6517 - Adding or editing post produces "ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "Object id #XXX"
  • MDL-6518 - How to make new themes link no longer required
  • MDL-6521 - Single discussion forums can be splitted and it hasn't too much sense....
  • MDL-6537 - past students receive email from forum
  • MDL-6538 - Bug in hotpot upgrade script 1.6.1 -> 1.6.2 with MetaColumns() method
  • MDL-6615 - Highlighting search terms in forum search text posts fails
  • MDL-6632 - scorm_grade_user function in locallib.php file has errors
  • MDL-6649 - HTML Editor in Quiz Essay Question unreliable
  • MDL-6686 - Streamed Chat Locks Send Message Field
  • MDL-6750 - change_password.php produces JS error.
  • MDL-6754 - moodle.php in de_utf8 langpack has wrong locale
  • MDL-6757 - Insert a Chinese charachter string to label resource result error.
  • MDL-6770 - Student cannot see handed-in assignment
  • MDL-6791 - Streamed Chat JS bug Prevents Use
  • MDL-6824 - redundant style declaration in theme
  • MDL-6837 - Make a language file entry for the wording of popup blocker checker
  • MDL-6841 - Student View button fails when course is hidden to students
  • MDL-6842 - Resource frameset error in IE6
  • MDL-6866 - A required parameter (backup_unique_code) was missing" error
  • MDL-6876 - Grades computed incorrectly if assignment name appears more than twice in a course


  • MDL-6280 - Backup files should not be included in new backups
  • MDL-6572 - Allow students to access their uploaded documents after grading.
  • MDL-6662 - why footer with margin-top: 100px
  • MDL-6878 - Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files in Moodle are not correctly displayed in many Browsers

New Feature

  • MDL-5653 - add blacklisted level into environment XML