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Moodle 1.5.4

Unreleased Moodle Version
This version of Moodle has not yet been released.

Release date: 21st May 2006

(Because this release contains important security fixes, we highly advise that sites using any previous version of Moodle upgrade to this version as soon as possible.)

Various fixes


  • Improved kses cleaning of html SC#204
  • Prevent unwanted password change here SC#225
  • Fix for Secunia Advisory SA18267, plus some logging of suspicious activity.
  • AdoDB tests cleanup after Secunia Advisory SA18267
  • Fixed $cfg->forceloginforprofiles logic SC#207. Backported from HEAD


  • Various updates/improvements in the the Environmental Check allowing to check if your server suits future Moodle requirements.
  • Bug 4619. Fixed one DB query not following coding rules.
  • Bug 4607. Avoid duplication of course shortname on restore.
  • Fixed one problem with auto-link filters and frames.
  • Important fixes to multi-byte text handling routines.
  • Small changes to the installer.
  • Bug 3853. Some important improvements in the restore of log actions.
  • Bug 4328. Prevent some warnings in the blocks system.
  • Bug 4341. Extending multi-lang support to the "jumpto" menu (showed in collapsed mode).
  • Added rss_get_url() to 1.5 to help support data module
  • Added support for having a linked tab even if it is currently selected.
  • RSS Client block: Removed secondary cache. Bug 4625
  • Email confirmation now includes lastname. Bug 4869
  • Database connection errors can now be reported to an admin. See $CFG->emailconnectionerrors in config-dist.php.
  • Metacourses: Fixed a problem with self enrolment in child courses.
  • Several MySQL v5 compatibility fixes
  • Avoid listing more than 200 courses in my courses block, and course listing pages.
  • SCORM: Fixed lesson status skin support
  • Skype: Added webstatus icon
  • File uploads: Only create a directory if needed, bug 4659
  • Admin Block. Fixed bug 4627: Hide "change password" link in admin block if the user is restricted. Credits for report & patch go to Joseph Rezeau.
  • HTMLArea: Fixed bug 4562. Fix posted by sgarcia.
  • Fixed bug 4626 - weblib.php: $course object conversion error in "print_footer " function
  • Messaging: Fixed bug 4621 errors in MySQL v3.23 with message backup.
  • Introducing Admin->Environment to help users assess installed software prior to the 1.6 upgrade
  • Course Restore: Now we avoid duplicates. Bug 4607
  • Assignment: Guests can no longer submit an online assignment. Bug 4604
  • File Downloads: Fixed problems for slow (dial up) clients, and avoid hogging memory when PHP's output compression is on.
  • Wiki: Supports initial load of contents from course file area. Bug 3830
  • Lesson: Now when a teacher edits a page with the "Edit page contents" button and then saves or cancels, s/he gets redirected back to the lesson navigation. This will help to streamline the editing.
  • Activity Modules Block - bug 4586
  • Metacourse: Fixes unenrolling bug 4541
  • File uploads: Fixed bug 4533 - Max upload size at course level ignored.
  • Enrol/ Added Address Verification System (AVS) support.
  • Online Users Block: Limit the number of students displayed.
  • Unicode Support: Typo3 Library updated to newest version.
  • Course Categories: Fixed courses and subcategories in an invisible category being visible. Bug 4074
  • Wiki: Fixed a fatal error updating wiki pages.
  • Added autocomplete=off in form tag to avoid browser auto complete bug:4423
  • Password change: Primary administrator password can only be changed by the administrator him/herself.
  • Enrol/ Some changes:- allow_internal is not need any more. Shows two option if enrolment key of course is set.- login_https is required for payment pages. My credit card is important. If you haven't a certificate forgot this module. (security)- Expiry date of credit card is more friendly :).
  • User profile: Fixed bug 4400
  • Removed old THEME variable.
  • Added some more CSS hooks for the correctness feedback
  • Fix bug 4366
  • Makes autologinguest possible at site level
  • Micro-increment version number to 2.0.10
  • Corrected adjustment of relative URLs in <EMBED> tag
  • Merging from HEAD:Fix for bug 4371 (also SC#199):Now manually created users with admin privileges and force change password cannot change their username with impunity.
  • Fix for bug 4067 - allow user to update assignment when not yet marked
  • Fix for bug 4314
  • Fix for bug 4206
  • Delayed merge from HEAD - If tablelib is going to do fullname voodoo, allow default sort field to be firstname/lastname
  • Log actions must be stored to DB without &print_log() takes care of it! Bug 3853
  • Fixes bug 4354
  • shorten_text() AFTER format properly. See bug 4355
  • Prevent a warning when params is empty. Bug 4328
  • Now the section "jumpto" menu (showed in collapse mode), supports the multilang filter. Bug 4341
  • Print performance info if exists and $CFG->perfdebug is enabled.
  • Fix for bug 4351. New parameter for get_record_sql to disable auto-added LIMIT (in case we are using our own)
  • Solved bug found when trying to backup all users!
  • Fixing bug 4345: merging problem when fixing bug 4303
  • Mimic changes from "Ought to mention the improved assignment grading!"Merged from HEAD
  • Ought to mention the improved assignment grading!
  • Fixes bug 4086 spelling mistake
  • Commenting out gz_handler since it seem to cause problemsmore on


  • Fixed bug in "Prevent late submissions", thanks to Samuli, bug 4780


  • Enrolment: Better explanation of flat file enrolment format. Re-formatted the improved flat file enrolment description
  • Auth/LDAP: Better support for ActiveDirectory
  • Enrol/ PostgreSQL support and some indexes for speed.
  • Address Verification System (AVS) support added.
  • $CGF->login_https must be ON for payment pages.
  • Shows two forms if the enrolment key of the course is set (internal and authorize forms).
  • IIS https fix. It doesn't recognize empty($_SERVER['HTTPS']) but accepts HTTPS=off.

Forum Module

  • Bug 4355. Solved one visualisation problem in the page showing the list of forums.
  • Fixed bug 4360
  • Fixed bug 4431, affecting site course, added function forum_user_can_view_post in lib.php

Glossary Module

  • Bug 4543, 4713. Fixed some problems with entries and categories containing more than one word in their title.
  • Bug 4858. Fixed one problem with formats, not being detected properly.
  • Bug 4915. Entrylist format now displays the "Send Ratings" button.

Hotpot Module

  • Add support for HP5 quizzes (including JBC and old JQuiz)
  • Removed weighting from question text in JCloze import
  • Fixed import of JCloze into quiz module as a MULTIANSWER question
  • Fixed bug in restoring attempts from backup

Lesson Module

Quiz Module

  • Fixed bug 4250: Added missing percentages to the grade selector
  • Fixed bug 4495: Don't apply lateness check when teacher previews
  • Fixed bug 4544: Incorrect path to exported files in some language packs
  • Fixed bug 4780: Bug in "Prevent late submissions" setting fixed
  • Fixed bug 5070: Students can't see quizzes when they are closed
  • Turned off regrading of quizzes that have the attemptonlast option set
  • A number of other minor interface fixes
  • Fixed bug 4319. Thanks to Jaroslav
  • Fixed bug 4217
  • Fixed bug 4829
  • Now we avoid checking for lateness when teacher previews. Bug 4495
  • Fixed bug 4688
  • Rounding errors could lead to "Partially correct" for correct answers
  • Added missing percentages to the grade selector, bug 4250
  • Avoid error messages in case $quiz->sumgrades is zero, bug 4454
  • get_actual_response() method for cloze question type contributed by Jean-Michel
  • Better PostgreSQL support
  • Now With Nicer Presentation of Questions
  • Summary text shouldn't be cleaned as only entered by teacher.
  • Fixed bug 4345. Report performance improvements caused regression with MySQLv3
  • Now we turn off browser-based autocomplete. Fixes bug 4423 - Short Answer Quiz Q's Saving Form Entries

Resource Module

  • Solved one problem on restore that was causing some links to become corrupted.
  • Slightly changes to the delete_instance() function in resources to allow future improvements.
  • Resource restore: Solved bug when decoding encoded links for resource

Wiki Module

  • Solved one problem sending double-slashed info to DB.
  • Bug 3830. Load of initial content from course file area is now allowed.