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Moodle 1.5.3

Unreleased Moodle Version
This version of Moodle has not yet been released.

Release date: 11th November 2005

(Because this release contains important security fixes, we highly advise that sites using any previous version of Moodle upgrade to this version as soon as possible.)

A few new things

  • We now have SCORM 1.3 (SCORM 2004) support!
  • Much improved Assignment grading interface, including "quick grading" options
  • A new Single-Sign-On API is available

Various fixes


  • Contains warnings when Moodle is used on an PHP configuration known to be insecure
  • Contains fixes for some recently reported security problems (see
  • Backups now runs a lot faster medium/large installs. Many issues fixed in this area
  • Listing of directory sizes can be made much faster on Linux/Unix servers, thanks to a performance fix you can enable from Admin->Variables: "path_to_du"
  • We now log more meaningful IP addresses when the server or the clients are working behind a proxy
  • Fixed some issues with PHP accelerators
  • Upgrade scripts have been refined and work much better for PostgreSQL installations
  • General PostgreSQL port code cleanup
  • Upgrading to 1.5.3 will fix any legacy Journal to Online Assignment upgrade issues
  • RSS libraries now support RSS 2.0 categories, see bug 3654
  • Better accesibilty in file uploads, see bug 3662
  • Better support for site-wide HTTPS, see bug 3848
  • We now send away bots (like Googlebot) from that try mangled URLs, see bug 3958
  • Better DST support for non-logged-in users
  • Better DST support for repeat events in Calendar
  • Small fixes to the lesson, choice and grade modules
  • Minor CSS improvements to formal_white and orangewhite themes
  • Better pagination in course listing and loglive pages
  • Fixed an IE-only bug related to HTMLArea content where user-edited tables could float and hide part of the UI.


  • Fixes to change password/forgotten password with external auth
  • Data fetched from external DB or LDAP is now truncated correctly
  • Fixed bug 4305 -- better login block behaviour when using secureforms
  • Better support for utf-8 user data from external auth
  • LDAP: General fixes covering sync_users script and logging of errors
  • LDAP: Fixed bug 3141 - Can't update external data with LDAP authentication
  • LDAP: Fixed bug 3992 - LDAP password including a quote does not work - credits go to Kita
  • LDAP: Better support for ActiveDirectory.
  • LDAP: Fixed bug #3594
  • LDAP: Better handling of multi-source field mapping
  • LDAP: Fix for using DN as idnumber - thanks fo Jeff Graham -

Enrolment and metacourses

  • Metacourses: Prevent normal users to gain access to meta courses via manual enrolment
  • Metacourses: better support for MySQL v3.23.x
  • DB: Enrolment lookups now work reliably with Moodle on MySQL and Postgres
  • DB: Non-MySQL databases work again as external enrolment databases
  • LDAP: Fixed a wrong call to add_teacher in LDAP plugin.
  • LDAP: Servers being down or unavailable no longer prevent logins
  • LDAP: Course auto-creation works again
  • LDAP: Fixed several bugs reported by Jeff Graham and Barron Koralesky -- including bugs 3912 and 3974
  • LDAP: We can now bind non-anonymously to LDAP
  • several fixes


  • Bugfix: Avoid linking to empty or unlinkable activity names


  • Big and small optimizations to tracking of read/unread messages, specially for PostgreSQL
  • Fixed some PostgreSQL bugs
  • Some more actions are now supported by backup/restore when processing log records, see bug 3582
  • Now message forum RSS feeds are including category data -- useful under some RSS agregators able to group messages, see bug 3654
  • Fixed paging on forum search


  • Several performance improvements
  • Fixes to the upgrade process, including PostgreSQL syntax and lower memory usage
  • Brought in several bugfixes from 1.6dev
  • Fixed bug 3478: Cannot add RSS feed as course creator
  • Fixed bug 3793: Prevent warning message when configuring a glossary_random block in a course which has no glossaries


  • Some CSS style fixes
  • Better compatibility with themes that contain forms in the headers
  • Highlighting of correct answers can now be turned off
  • Fixed bug 3986: Too many random questions. (mindforge)
  • Fixed missing action icons
  • Fixed bug 3899 and removed some 'missing course object' messages
  • Fixed bug 3950: Ee-attempt button inconsistency for multi-attempt quizzes
  • Fixed bug 3953: Quiz/report.php pagesize can be set to 0, credits to Jean-Michel
  • Fixed potential data data corruption bug 3915
  • Fixed bug 3884: Quiz correct highlights missing for 2 of 3 options.
  • Fix for the Student review highlight doesn't seem to work bug
  • Fixed bug 3804: Differences in question types between 1.5 and 1.6
  • Fixed bug 3822: don't count previews as attempts
  • Fixed bug 3807: Question numbering issue
  • Fixes for the item analysis plug-in, assembled by Jean-Michel
  • Now we reset the timeout counter to avoid timeouts
  • Several improvements contributed by Jean-Michel Vedrine. You can now change the number of attempts per page displayed on screen, and download results to Excel/text file, including detailed grades
  • Fixed export bug with non-English languages


  • We now support SCORM 1.3 (SCORM 2004)!
  • Fixed a bug with next and prev SCO search
  • Fixed bugs related to masteryscore
  • Fixed a problem in AICC course tracking


  • Now paging of older versions is showed and working properly, see bug 3750


  • Mediaplugin filter now finds multi-line links in HTML code
  • Censor filter: Added original word as title to the blacked-out version. The filter can obscure actual important words by mistake (eg Dickens) and there needs to be some way to recover the meaning