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Moodle 1.4.5

Unreleased Moodle Version
This version of Moodle has not yet been released.

Release date: 7 May 2005

(Because this release contains important security fixes, we highly advise that sites using any previous version of Moodle upgrade to this version as soon as possible.)

Some important security fixes

  • Preventative measures against attacks to admin functions.
  • Lesson: Safer hiding of lessons (#2733)

A few new things

  • Flash Media Player: Now playing can start before the download is complete.
  • Added/updated language support for German (DE) and Turkish (TR).
  • Release notes now link to the relevant bugs.
  • Prefetching requests from Google Web Accelerator, Mozilla etc are denied.

Performance improvements

  • Added option to cache the languages list. Saves around 10MB of memory and 40 includes. See config-dist.php for details on how to enable.
  • Major efficiency improvements for Postgres databases on insert. Also fixed many calls to insert_record() which discard the returned record id to not ask for the record id.

Other bug fixes

  • HTML Editor: Fixes to some character encoding problems.
  • Quiz: fixes to export/import dropdown (#2963)
  • Quiz: Don't throw a fatal error on unknown question, try to continue.
  • Course Social Forum: Removed misleading link to unsubscribe (#2945).
  • Additional/updated translations.
  • Forums and Groups: Allow students not in a group to post into a discussion which is also not in a group, even if the course is using groups.
  • Sitewide HTML Editor settings: Fixed Can't save changes in editor configuration form bug.
  • Cron: Removed some warnings.
  • Choice: Choice shows a bad number of answers (#2452).
  • Better support for PHP5: Files uploads now use $_FILES rather than deprecated $HTTP_POST_FILES (#2828)
  • Backup/Restore: Manual links from lesson pages to resources are now preserved between backup/restore anywhere. (see this discussion)
  • Some fixes for Postgres constraint naming.
  • I18N support: Reset proper encoding upon login (#2770).
  • I18N support: Fixed some instances of garbled characters when using utf-8 in HTML Editor (#2763)
  • Flash Media Player: Turn off the autoloading of sound files.
  • Flash Media Player: Better handling of filenames files.
  • Postgres: Fixed sequences out of sequence (#2742).
  • Backup: Fixed memory limit overrun in backup config page.
  • Forums: Fixed error warnings when a teacher posts to a forum (#2723).